Ok so i just thought i would bring this up for people to give their opinions on JMS's run on Superman as it goes along. I know its only one issue in but still you can come back if you get a new opinion.

My opinion on it so far is that this is a very good story. I thought the prolouge was very good, i'll be honest, i laughed when the woman slapedsuperman. I know it was a serious moment but i couldn't help but laugh. Superman 701 was still very good i found it very entertaining how he would interact with people and how they were in aw (well most) when he showed up. I also really enjoyed the quote at the end at first i didn't understand so i did some research and i finnaly understood. So, so far JMS is doing a great job with Superman. I only have two minor complaints, So alot of the comic had some sutle humor that made me laugh, but then suddenly it would shift into serious moments like the woman on the building and the quaote at the emd. Also reporters keep asking him why hes doint it, don't they remember the woman in the prologue and what she said? i guess that they could overlook that as a conection as most of what he was doing was explained after that. But yeah i really like this guys work.