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  • Hulk tv show is actually in development hell right now after they lost del toro last I heard, and it shouldn't get too bad as long as they keep things interesting, they're doing something on a scale that's really only rivaled by the james bond franchise as far as films go, past that theres also star trek and star wars, and people still pay for those last I heard, I think Marvel's variety and talent will keep people coming back for more

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  • I agree, and didn't they say they already started shooting for the S.H.I.E.L.D. show?

  • YJ and GL TAS got cancelled :"(


  • they've cast it, think they're still in pre-production, but Whedon's doing the Pilot right now, also crap, Green Lantern was a great show, guess I won't be watching any WB cartoons from now on

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  • They are replaceing Young Justice with a show called Teen Titans GO! And they are replaceing Green Lantern with a show called Beware the Batman.

  • Here is are some huge rumors about MCU phase 3 *HUGE SPOILERS*


  • is that the stuff about hulk? some guy over on a bleeding cool forum pretty much put those down  by questioning certain characters that would need to exist and don't as well as the time it would take to set the groundwork, doesn't mean its impossible but I think Marvel's been treading pretty carefully lately and wouldn't want to screw it up with a character they feel audiences don't care for right now

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  • Yeah, it is. And I am kind of divided. While it would take awhile to layout the characters, I think Planet Hulk would make a pretty BA movie.

  • Oh, and here is some horrible news: Geoff Johns is leaving Green Lantern

  • I blame all the racist and negative feedback he received for making a GL of muslim decent. He was courageous for even attempting it and I respect him and his work.

    Also I liked that his was a new character that was controversial and not an old one made controversial (alan scott being made gay).

    Honestly I feel like this is the dark age for dc. Since the new 52 started I've been seeing more negative feedback about the publisher than anything all over the internet and it's depressing.

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  • @Cameron: Oh crap. GL has been a pretty decent run so far. I'll have to look up who's taking his place.

    @cybertronian assassin: While Baz's introduction did feel forced I do like him as a character and hope that he's worked into the GL universe well. As far as Scott is concerned, his being gay hasn't really been an issue. Earth 2 has been a pretty decent read so far, granted I've been not read comics for the past month so I don't know if the most recent issue(s) was/were good. I've not been following DC feedback but I suspect that negativity is more of a negative reaction to the reboot and another sweeping quarter century change in continuity. I'll have to check into this. *Rubs chin thoughtfully* Thanks for the info.

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  • It wasn't the fact of making scott gay since I have no problems with them. I just thought that was an extremely lazy tatic to counter marvel's marriage of the two xmen (which is what it was).

    The negative dc feedback is to the reboot's falling story arcs, character design changes, character personality changes, and some power changes. They can be found almost anywhere (yahoo, deviantart, newsweek) especially when dc makes a headline, it's on a discussion board somewhere.

    The number one positive feedback I've seen for dc since the reboot started, is the support for the pairing of superman and wonder woman

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  • @cybertronian assassin: I'm not downplaying people's complaints, I happen to agree with most of them, but it sounds like the typical complaints that accompany reboots. I have to say that the Supes/WW pairing totally took me by surprise but I do like it.

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  • Man, I missed a lot.


    I would not call geoff johns choice of a Muslim green lantern courageous. I have not see any of the negative or racist stuff you mention, but I dont doubt that it is out there. Any change in a comic or character is going to get a certain percentage of complaint which or just knee-jerk or unfounded. I haven't seen as much negative stuff about the DC reboot, but then again I havent been looking for opinion pieces regarding it either.

    I hated the half assed marvel Now thing, but I am enjoying the fruits of it (cable and x-force, all new x-men etc.) For all the negative aspects of the new 52 we are getting things like Snyders run of Batman, Lemier's Animal Man and (fill in the blank).

    Finally, I don't give a $#!t about any characters sexual orientation. In fact, I like to think of them all as A-sexual...except Wonder Woman, she is madly in love with me. If I wanted wedding issues I would read Archie comics.

  • 1) I think the Wonder Woman Superman pairing is pretty dumb, mainly because nothing really meaningful has come out of it as far as I can tell in the several months since that JL issue where it started, there have been elseworld tales that have done more with the premise in a handful of pages than anyone at current DC has managed to in a handful of issues, so the positive support you're talking about (sources?) is kind of a case of over reacting 2) all negative feedback to the new 52 is over reacting, if people want to complain about something it should be at editorial, particularly Didio, who have been well documented to be shafting the hell out of writers lately as well as stifling creativity and not allowing certain characters to exist for bizarre or non existent reasons, other than that nothing the creative teams have done is really anything offensive or earth shattering, its a silly reboot that thankfully is telling some good stories that, should everything eventually switch back, would work well in the same canon, comic fans just like to complain a lot (believe me I know, I'm one of the biggest complainers around)

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