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Marvel NOW! Post-Discussion

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  • Oh! That is right, Colossus is super pissed about Charles being killed! And now he is working with the son of the man who killed him, I didn't even think about that. He didn't get much face time in Cable and X-Force though, so it will be interesting to see how they handle that.

  • Looks like I should pick up Cable and X-Force with all the talk you guys are having about it. I'm not that familiar with Colossus, all I know is that he was part of the X-Men and one of the Phoenix Five, I had to look up his powers.

    So I have a question about the ongoing series that are being brought under the Marvel NOW banner. Is it intended as a new direction, or is it simply a continuing series that's considered part of Marvel NOW? Basically, could I start at the first issue in that series under Marvel NOW (like Avengers Assemble #9 or Hawkeye #6), or should I backtrack to the first. I have a feeling Red She-Hulk and Journey Into Mystery won't be hard to get into with the focus shift, but I'm not sure about the others.

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  • I am not totally sure how to answer your question, but i'm going to try anyway. With a book like Thor:God of Thunder, your best bet would be to just start with this #1 and for a number of reasons (no pun intended). The previous Thor book was titles The Might Thor and it was so-so, I stopped reading at issue 13, which was about halfway through its lifespan. The Thor book previous to that was titled Thor and was at like 600 something when it was renamed as Journey in Mystery.

    Not every book is as jumpy as Thor, but it is why I just start reading books when I can and do not really worry about previous stories too much. That being said, there are many awesome story arcs from all of Marvel's books and I am sure anyone here would be more than happy to share their favorite with you. It is in those cases that trade paperbacks are your best friend as most of the great story lines, such as the winter soldier story for Captain America, can be easily found. In other cases you can buy entire series for pretty cheap, I have the entire Cable & Deadpool series in trades on my book shelf now.

    Speaking specifically about Marvel NOW! they seem to be using AvX as an informal reboot. I have not come across anything in the books I have read which makes me think that you need to be especially well informed about a character.

    I hope this makes sense.

  • Thanks for the advice. I guess I'll just take the jump for the first Marvel NOW issues's. I've been using the internet to learn about what's happened previously, so I'm not entirely clueless about previous continuity, though there's probably a lot I still don't know. I'll still hunt down some of the old comics though, nothing can fully replace actually reading them.

    And on Marvel NOW as an informal reboot, it does seem hard to classify. The intent is the same as a reboot (get new fans into a long running series) but the execution is different. The continuity is still there, the writers are just trying to not make it scare off newcomers. I have to admit, if it weren't for Marvel NOW I simply would've stuck to the movies because the Comics felt to intimidating with their massive history. But now I'm into it and I'm liking it, the approach to continuity seems to be a sequel series approach, the previous events clearly happened and you can see their effects, but newcomers won't feel like their out of the loop for not seeing it as it happened. Probably a bad example but it's the best I can think of.

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  • No it's not a bad example. I never read DC comics until the New 52, which was a total and complete reboot, with the lone exception of Green Lantern. For me there was a definite intimidation factor with that universe, there were a lot of upset nerds about that reboot. It is funny though, now I am a bit upset about some of the Marvel NOW! stuff, in the end its probably good for everyone...especially the publishers though.

  • just don't read superior spider-man, not even close to a jumping on point, and I say that knowing how issue 700 ends, its not pretty guys

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  • Yeah, I am kind of a pedestrian fan of Spider-man. I subscribe to the book, but I do not have that much invested in what happens. I do hope they give ole Pete a good send off though. I have a feeling of what happens and who will take over the the role of Spider-man, but its probably wrong. #700 comes out this week right?

  • no clue, its not a good send off, its just lame

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  • I'm looking forward to SSM. Even though it's not Pete (OR IS IT?!?!?!) Superior does something I like, he helps out someone that deserves helping. Can't wait to see what else he does to the NOW! Universe.

    Anyone have thoughts on Age of Ultron?  

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  • DUDE, WHAT THE F***?! Spoiler like a mad man!

  • Sorry! Didn't mean to say all that. :(

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  • It feels weird not having Peter Parker as Spider Man, though I'm curious on how the new guy will deal with the legacy. Superior Spider Man sounds more interesting every time I hear about it. So, on the topic of inherited super hero titles, what do you guys think about the new upcoming Nova series? It seems interesting to me personally.

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  • CAN'T. WAIT. FOR. NOVA!!! I love the character whether it's Sam Alexander or Richard Rider.

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  • that comment really makes me want to spoil it just so I can discuss how bad an idea I think it is, I'm just going to pretend AMS ended at issue 500, the end of J Michael Stracynski's 3 issue story arc "happy birthday" which examines spider-mans beginning, his end, and everything in between the past and present, it wasn't the end of JMS' run, but it felt like the perfect send off, like the series could've ended there and I'd have been happy, this superior spider-man nonsense is well, just that, nonsense

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  • also if you were reading Spidey books in the 90's you may recall this isn't the first time peter's given someone else the job, ben reilly was spider-man for a few years and it was pretty great

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