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Marvel NOW! Post-Discussion

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  • read Amazing Spider-man 699.1 then because it is an origin story for Morbius

  • oh man, this isn't the first time morbius has been given his own comic, and every other time pretty much failed miserably, the problem is mainly his attitude, he's kind of just a jerk, a jerk trying to use his curse for good at times but still a total jerk, maybe the new creative team can add a new spin to the character

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  • @Fame: I did, that's why I said that. I think Morbius is a pretty cool character, hope his series does well.

  • @cam

    Oh ok, they have been advertising Morbius #1 pretty heavily so I thought that's what you were referencing.


    Seriously. I am not super familiar with him, but my first impression was, "This dude is kind of an @$$hole." Personally, I am not all that into vampires. I know that this guy isn't the sparkly twilight style vampire, but just in a general sense they don't really do it for me.

    Side note:

    I am a bit annoyed that they are using the penultimate issue of Amazing Spider-man to tell the backstory of this dude.

  • Well, I'm a newcomer to the whole Comic Books thing, so I'm grateful for Marvel NOW happening. I currently have the first two issues of Uncanny Avengers and All New X-Men, and I'm planning on following Thor: God of Thunder and Young Avengers (when it comes out that is). I'm trying to keep up with the Marvel universe starting at Marvel Now. I'm going to try out at least the first issue of every Marvel NOW series and see how I like it. I'm a newcomer, so I feel obligated to give each series a chance.

    Anyway, onto the discussion that's actually happening, Morbius sounds interesting. His series sounds like it could great if done right.

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  • Welcome to the group man. Yeah I took advantage of the New 52 from DC last year to get into a lot of those books. I am not as ambitious as you are, I am only giving certain books a chance. All new x-men and Thor are two favorites of mine so far.

    Also, in case you want to jump into some of the other books that are not part of Marvel NOW! they mark jumping in points as .1 (point 1) so for instance, the last issue of spider man was 699.1 which lets you know, hey this might be a good time to start reading

  • Really, I know some series like Avengers Assemble and Journey Into Mystery are getting new directions to fit in with Marvel NOW but I never heard about the .1 issues. If I see them I'll pick them up unless something else takes priority.

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  • Yeah, they do it randomly throughout the year as story arcs end and such. Its a good thing to keep an eye out for. Have you read any on the Marvel NOW! books yet?

  • I have Uncanny Avengers and All New X-Men issues 1 and 2, and that's my entire Marvel NOW collection. Yeah, I found out about Marvel NOW in late November, better late then never. I remember being so annoyed when I heard Uncanny Avengers #3 was delayed to January, then I realized that gave me more time to try out the other series.

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  • back to morbius for a second, I've read a bit of his other stuff, he's sort of a vigilante vampire, he feasts on people who he deems bad, the problem is that's pretty much the whole character, that and the fact that he was pretty wishy-washy depending on what a writer wanted to do with him and the fact that from a moral perspective his actions were rarely justified, he was eating muggers and thieves, which at the time was probably fitting (punisher shot muggers and thieves back in the day like crazy) it was almost sadistic, I mean its one thing for thieves to get shot "bang, bang, dead, moving on" its another to see their terrified faces as morbius sucks the life out of them, not saying he doesn't have potential just that up to this point its pretty much been wasted

    also welcome to the group, warthog, if you have any questions about the current books or old continuity we're a pretty knowledgeable group and we might be able to save you some time surfing the web, that and we always love to discuss comics, we're a small group but a passionate one

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  • Ha, I've already searched the web for info on the previous continuity, asking here is probably easier for what I still don't know though. So, what was Havok and Cyclops's relationship like before AVX?

    It seems like Morbius's new series is either going to be a reinvention of the character, or a flop. Anyone here read something Joe Keating wrote? I'd like to know his precedent if he's doing something like Morbius. Morbius sounds like a great character if done right, let's just hope he is done right.

    Also, I just found this article about Uncanny Avengers and what's happening next in it. Looks like it's already connecting with the other series, focusing on Thor seems weird though, considering how the concept behind the Uncanny Avengers is that they're helping Mutant public image. Not like I'm complaining though, I'm a mythology fan so Thor always interested me.

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  • Keatinge's writing it? this could be interesting... I take back everything I said, Joe Keatinge is perfect for the job

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  • Well that's nice to hear. And I think the guy who did the Journey Into Mystery art is doing the art for Morbius. So maybe our Vampire vigilante has a higher chance then we thought. I'm trying to keep track of all of the writers and artists, I figure that way it'll help me when deciding which series to follow.

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  • Welcome GW! Morbius seems like Marvels I, Vampire. IMO. Only way I knew about the Living Vamp is because of the Spidey cartoon back in '96.

    Also, Cable & X-Force is awesome beyond words!! Glad to see Colossus back in action and looking badass.

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  • @Gaming Warthog: Welcome! As much as I'll miss Kieron Gillen on Journey Into Mystery, Kathryn Immonen did a pretty bang-up job in her first issue. 

    @Mr. Exclusive: Interesting. I wonder how Colossus is holding up given his demeanor in AvX: Consequences.

    @Chaos: I'm also skeptical about another Morbius solo series. I almost subscribed to it but decided to read the first arc before taking the plunge or not.

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