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Superior Spider-man

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  • so here's something for you guys to nibble on, I guess Dan Slott's Marvel NOW! project will feature a revamped spider-man, who isn't peter parker and who is probably going to be dark and gritty, he worded it in a weird way, theres also some other tid bits in this article: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2012/10/11/dan-slott-talks-superior-spider-man-at-nycc/

    head over there and give it a read, its pretty short and has some art from the book, also of spider-mans new "claws"

    my two cents on this; It doesn't really sound like anything new or exciting on the surface, I suppose there could be some kind of different spin put on it but from where I'm standing the dark and gritty spidey was already done in JMS' run during Back In Black fairly recently before that  the late 90's saw some darker takes on spider-man as well, plus we've got Scarlet Spider and Venom doing the whole grim and gritty thing with spider powers already, I haven'[t had any reason to hop on the Slott bandwagon yet and this doesn't seem like a good reason to, but what are your guys' thoughts? I know some of you are probably more aware of what Slotts been doing in has run than I am, Does this sound like a good direction?

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  • I am a fan of Slott. I have enjoyed many of his recent story arcs. I do not like the sound of this. I have a feeling spidey is going to die and I don't think that that is a good direction. The whole retractable claw thing is weird. I know they are trying to blend their universe a bit more (e.g. uncanny avengers) so are they trying to make Spider-man a mutant now? The fact is that Peter Parker can't every really die. Most of the public is not totally aware of what is happening in the comic universes and peter parker as spiderman is what people know and love and also the basis of the products that they buy. Miles Morales has been a big hit, but that is the Ultimate universe, you can kill people there that is kind of the point of it isn't it?

  • Have you guys seen the covers of Superior spider-man yet? the claws look dumb, they look just like black panther's

  • or this guys

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  • Slott seems like he might be trolling us:


    and if you want to see the actual tweet just scroll down on this page:


    "If you really loved me you'd all kill yourselves right now"  -Spider Jerusalem

  • so this seemed relevant, everyone feel free to chime in:

    • : Spider-man #700, WTF? in Comics
    • : Calm thy nads. Due to licensing it'll revert back to status quo within a couple years. In the meantime let's see if we can get some interesting stories out of this premise. We have had 50 years of non-superior spider-man stories so I think we can handle a year or two.
    • : doesn't change the fact that its a stupid gimmick ridden cash grab, two or three issues would be fine, instead they're launching an entire series off of a stupid and paper-thin plot set-up
    • : also this seems good a place as any to mention a half-year old fan letter by a kid with leukemia that I linked to awhile back but was removed, the kid wrote in to captain america and said something along the lines of " as sure as spidey will beat doc ock  I'll beat leukemia" yeah...
    • : That's very sad but, come on i'm not Slott's biggest fan but I guess a comic writer can't try to do anything different without being fileted by countless people who want everything to remain more or less the same at all times. Patience. If you want regular Spider-Man you have 700 issues and 4 movies, 5 good cartoons 2 lame ones and one spectacular one to choose from. Cash grab? If anything it's may lose as many readers as it'll gain. It's a gimmick, but it may lead to something interesting.
    • : actually the book sold extremely well, everything about it seemed built up to make it sell, also I'm not someone who's upset at things changing, I hated One more day because it was resetting things back to status quo rather than allowing the character to evolve, one of my favorite books on the market right now is Robert Kirkman's Invincible BECAUSE everything constantly changes, the simple fact of the matter though, is that this story isn't really offering anything other than being shocking, how is peter
    • : supposed to grow as a character when he's completely out of the picture? he's not, because this is an editorial decision set up to move issues and be "edgy" make it a six or seven issue arc, heck make it an event like Spider-island, but don't launch a new series off of this idea, it just reeks of everything wrong with comic companies these days

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  • Whatever it really isn't a big deal. And just beause people bought 700 doesn't mean they will buy superior if they hated what was in 700. 


    Signatures are dumb.


  • that twitter guy should just sell it

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  • The thing that got the WTF isn't that doc ock is sort of spiderman now. What bothers me is that if you are going to kill off Peter Parker, kill him off. We know that they basically shared the memories of one another to a great extent, so much so that it apparently confused Doc Ock into being a good guy. Basically when I read that issue what I got out of it was that Slott, Alonso and Queseda were building in a reset button so that Richard Reed, or Tony Stark or the new and nice Bruce Banner can figure out a way for Peter's mind to take over.

    The other thing that bothered me, and is was mentioned earlier, is the Axle Alonso's need to make everything a earth changing event. Isnt the point of the ultimate universe to serve as a place where we can kill super heros without having to be concerned about having to bring them back later? (That is an over simplified description, but you get the point) Personally I thought Spider-Island was awesome and part of the reason is that it was a big event but without feeling like it was trying too hard.

    I know that those may seem like two opposing opinions, but they aren't. All I ask is that if you really feel the need to go big with something, go all the way. Give us a Miles Morales, not this.

  • @Fames They still haven't shown the 616 Miles Morales. I actually liked 700 I thought of it as Spidey Vs. Doc Ock FINALE! And yeah, Spider-Island was a great event. I WANT MORE ALPHA!!  

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  • dude, you are the only person I have talked to who wants more Alpha.

  • I can't help it, I liked the Alpha arc of ASM.

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  • There is going to be a marvel now Alpha title in January, so...yeah.

  • that sounds ridiculously lame, like no offense to the fans or anything in attendance, I just don't see that lasting terribly long

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  • It's a miniseries (5 issues I think)

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