So I have reread the Blackest Night #8 a few times now. I was hoping to get some closure from this, but if anything it has bumped...no SPIKED my intrest and wonder. I mean so many questions to be answered from so many new and (most excited) old DC characters. I know / hope most of these will be answered in the Brightest Day. But then I wonder little things like when Larfleeze gets his guardian if she will be able to change him and if so will we see him again. ALSO the Anti-Monitor is back. What will this mean for the DC universe? He almost destroyed it once, wonder what will happen now? Think he is still pissed at Super Boy Priime? And now that the Indigo tribe ran off with Black Hand does that mean that they really couldnt be trusted? Think we will hear more from him again? I also know that Grant Morrison is bringing Bruce (batman) back this summer but I wonder if it will mention anything about these events having anything to do with it? Totally stoked to see Osiris back ( love Black Adam). And last but not least what was up with that group of people finding the white lantern it the crater at then end? What ever the future holds for the DC univers I think its safe to say that with old friends returning (as well as old enemies) the days to come are definitely "Brighter"....

one more thing. Will the trust between Hal and Sinestro change? your thoughts.