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Action Figures, Worth it?

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  • I as many comic book fans collect action figures of comic book characters. currenty characters i have and or am getting are John Stewart Blackest Night Series 2, Martian Manhunter, and Blue Beetle (hopefully booster gold too) of the JLI series 2, (now figures i have resurved), Kyle Rayner, and Black Hand from BN series 4, maybe Azarel, and Jason Todd of Batman reborn series 1, Nekron, and Black Lantern Batman from BN, series 5, and Hal Jordan, Blue Lantern Flash, and maybe Star saphire wonder woman from BN series 6... that is alot when i see that so mabye not all of them but oh well. Ok but to me the prices of them always throw me off especially sence i take them out and put them on a shelf and i think is it worth it.. then i look at john stewart on myshelf and i say totally. and thats my question to you do u like to collect figures? are they worth it? and why?

  • Spider-Man. Seriously, it's bordering on obsession at this point. I have so many, I don't know what to do with them. I don't know why, but I feel this odd compulsion to buy anything I see at a comic / hobby shop/ flea market that involves Spidey. Especially if it's Venom or Carnage.

    Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: "With great power comes great responsibility." This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I'm Spider-Man.

  • I love them. When I was a kid I spent hours playing with my action figures and as I grew into an adult my love for them hasn't suppressed, although I don't play with them now because that would be a bit odd LOL! Most of my collection consists of film and comic based figures from DC DIRECT, NECA and MCFARLANE TOYS. MCFARLANE TOYS is usually the one brand that I make a point to have super glue on hand when I open them. My biggest buys in my collection are usually Batman and The Crow based, but if there is a figure from a comic book or film that I love it usually grabs my eye. I am very picky too on what ones I buy. The sculpt has to be very well done for me to purchase an action figure. I am with you on the Blackest Night action figures. I too want to pick up Black Hand, Black Lantern Batman and Blue Lantern Flash. Blackest Night is such a great story. One of my biggest surprises that I got purchasing a figure was with the Batman All Star action figure based on Jim Lee's art. I think we all know that for various reasons the final product doesn't always match the prototype pictured early on, but this figure surpassed the prototype. It is the closet I have seen DC DIRECT come to capturing Jim Lee's artwork. I would definitely recommend picking it up.

    May I extend a question to this post? Where do you purchase your action figures? I pick up mine from my local comic book store, but a majority are purchased through BigBadToyStore.com and UrbanCollector.com. They have both been very reliable.  

  • sideshow collectibles is a GREAT place to get figures. They are top of the line for detail, but also top of the line for a hefty price. But you should check them out if you like to collect. i think its sideshowtoys.com or just search sideshow collectibles on google

  • Man I think Im over my obsession with collecting figures, thank god most were bought for me because I would have shelled out a crap load of money. A few years back I got really obsessed with purchasing McFarlane figures. I have some where around a hundred of them, all packaged still except a few that I opened to stanfd up on my entertainment center in my game room. Like the Metallica boxed set and a few of the Alien versus Predator figures ( not the movie tie ins but the actual McFarlane line ).

    I have a few very rare ones too that are sold out and worht a decent price, like the stealth predator  that was a club exclusive. Though I did find my old obssession come back when I saw the  classic line of G.I. Joe figures hit stores  a little while back,in original packaging like when I was a kid. Im glad I got over it quick because all my figures are packed up and stored away any way and I really cant afford it right now any way.

    I have no room for them because I dont have a game room like I did before. It will be a few years before me and my wife can move into a three bedroom again. Money is too tight at the moment.


  • IDK I've never collected action figures [Although I would like to get one of those Teacher Action figures for the heck of it XDDDD ] I never saw the reason If I loved the book/movie than I'd get the books/movies but the figure mmm...not really...since it's just there. With the book/movie I can read the book or watch the movie and it doesn't take much space. But meh, that's just me XD;;

    Coffee makes my world go round and round till I get dizzy and fall off-Me~

  • I have been collecting figures for a long time.  I started with the line the changed the game for ALL Comic book figures in my mind.....Toy Biz's Marvel Legends.  I absolutely loved these figures.  The detail, paint jobs, and articulation were on point.  I know collect Marvel Universe and some Marvel Legend Box Sets when they are available.  I also have some of Mattel's DC Universe figures. I am only collecting the original Justice League though.  I am seriously just waiting for Marvel Legend figures of Luke Cage, Dr. Voodoo, The Hood, and updated version of T'Challa as Black Panther with magic powers then I will be done.  I think figure collecting is worth it if you can afford it and you enjoy it.  The hardest part about it is it can become addicting and you may run out of room.  I have slowed down quite a bit as of late.

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