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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensons

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  • So I'm not sure if anyone else as heard but there seems to buzz around a new Spider-Man game coming out this year.  The May edition of GamePro shows a title of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensons, according internet sources and GamePro anyway.

    So I was wondering if anyone else had heard anything, or what anyones thoughts may have been on this title?  Personally, I enjoyed Web of Shadows - I didn't love everything about it though.  The wall combat sometimes got irritating, but the web combat was awesome.  The overall story was okay, and even though Venom is one of my favorite characters I still don't think he has the weight to be themain cause and villian of city-destroying plot but the symbiote plot over all was fun.  I also liked that you could partner up with the likes of Black Cat, Wolverine, Luke Cage, Vulture and that you could make various decisions even if they were basic decisions.

    In Web of Shadows I honestly had really high hopes for a co-op ability, even if it would have been limited.  Obviously that didn't happen...but I'm still holding out that ability for a Spidey game at some point.

    As far as Shattered Dimensons goes, anyone care to offer up their thoughts on what the central story might revolve around or villians/playable characters they'd like to see?

  • I look forward to this Shattered Dimensions game. As for Web of Shadows, I played it and beat it just because I am a Spidey fan, but honestly it was too repetitive for me. Only bonus for me was having Luke Cage and Moon Knight as back up.  Game just didnt have what it took to keep me interested. I just hope this new game learns from Web of Shadows mistake.  I will rent this one before I buy it. I traded in Web of Shaows and Spider-Man: Friend or Foe for other games.

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