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Before Watchmen

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  • DC Comics recently announced that it will be releasing  Before Watchmen, a limited run series that will be following a number of the Alan Moore's classic 80's series. Rorschach,  Minute Men, the Comedian, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, Ozymandius and Dr. Manhattan will be getting their own books. My understanding is that there will then be a serialized pirate story in the backs of the books called The Crimson Corsair, which is a reference to the pirate comics that were produced in the Watchmen Universe. As you can imagine, and as you have probably seen already, there have been some powerful reactions to this announcement. Some people, including Moore are pretty upset, while others, like myself, are excited. I think the oddest reaction has been Gibbons', I believe his official statement on Before Watchmen is  "Meh." What do you guys think? Are you among the outraged, or are you ready to get another glimpse into that awesome universe. 

  • I view it from a moderate standpoint, on the one hand, the original creator didn't want this, it wasn't a part of his original vision and he did not give it his blessing, which is more DC being a bunch of ****s on the business side of things, then on the same side theres the possibility of diluting what is essentially comic's moby Dick, arguably the genre's finest work (personally I found it overly philosophical and it's characters wooden, but I admire it far more than I dislike some of Moore's dialogue decisions), so theres that.

    then on the other side of things, when we actually see the talent behind these books it all becomes a very different ball game, they got JMS, Azzarello, Cooke, and Wein, its like, if you were going to do this you couldn't have done much better as far as writers go, all are extremely talented storytellers and it'll be neat to see their takes on the universe, also the artists working on the projects, Lee Bermejo, J.G. Jones, Adam Hughes, Andy and Joe Kubert, Jae Lee, and of course Darwyn Cooke who's doing both art and writing, I mean, this thing has more talent behind it than the new 52, and that was basically DC throwing all of their top talents at books.

    So basically I see it as a kind of double edged sword, and for the most part I think people should wait for the final products and see what they think, all the complaining is just unwarranted, except from Moore, who as the creator has every right to be upset over being screwed out of his own idea, but then Moore also looks like an angry Hobo wizard and wrote pretentious pornography

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  • The thing that DC has going for them is the fact that they are forced into making a prequel. I think that that will help protect the original material. Moore is talented, but i dont know if you can compare watchmen to Moby Dick. For one thing Moby Dick was basically a flop when it was released, second I have never read it so the comparison means nothing to me ;) It is hard to see this as anything but a Dick move on DC's part and maybe I am just a fanboy with screwed up priorities, but I still really want to read more about those characters.

    I think that is the best/most accurate description about Moore I have ever read.

  • I haven't read moby Dick either, but it's a comparison that's been made by others, simply in terms of it's dealing with complex psychological representations of humanity as well as symbolism, Watchmen does that with Superheroes, so that's where that comparison comes from, it's the comics mediums Moby Dick, and yeah, I really like Alan Moore (especially when he showed up on the simpsons as a superpowered indie comics writer alongside Art Spiegleman and Dan Clowes) but the man needs to exercise some grooming techniques and stop acting like he isn't writing comic books

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  • I am actually excited about this before watchmen. People think this will defile the series. Ive even had a couple friends say its just going to be "highly sponsored fan fiction" But these people making it know what they are doing and are fans like us. It may be fan fic in a way, but that wont destroy the fact that you cant just not read them because they are probably going to be really good.

  • I went to my LCS to put them on my pull list,  which I forgot to do with Fatale and ended up with a third printing 1st issue. I told the guy at the counter to add them to my pull list to which he replied "Do you know what you are getting into?"

  • So, Minutemen came out today. Obeying my self imposed rule of not revealing plot points until a week passes I will just say I enjoyed it. The artwork is pretty awesome and I think it does a good job setting things up for people who might not be totally familiar with watchmen...if those people even exist. Anyone else pick it up today?

  • I grabbed two, one for me and one for my ex who loves Watchmen, haven't read it yet but if you like the art I can say Darwyn Cooke has done other great stuff, DC New Frontier and his Parker adaptations are great books with beautiful art work

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  • How many pages is the minute men

  • its normal sized but darwyn cooke crams dialogue onto every page in a similar fashion to his new frontier series

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  • Silk Spectre came out yesterday, anyone else pick it up? Amanda Conner drew it and it looked spectacular. There were two things within the plot that stood out to me and which seemed to go against continuity. I don't think they are spoilers exactly but I will hold off mentioning them, mostly I am curious what you all thought of it.

  • been so busy all I've been able to do is buy it

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  • finally read minutemen 1, good overall issue, kinda bland, but that's how Darwyn works, he gives you the big players and he slowly builds the story into a complex cohesive whole, I hate to bring up New Frontier again, but that's exactly what he seems to be doing here, this is like new frontier but with watchmen narrated by Hollis Mason, which, as a fan of that series, I am looking forward to where Cooke takes the series, I'll hop back on here after I read Silk Spectre 1

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