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Comic book ideas 2

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  • Is the BSRC supposed to be friendly or mean?

  • Also you are at  making things fit in place

  • The BSRC is a front for something very evil. (Chimera Inc.) To normal citizens they think it's all about helping recovering Heroes get back on their feet. But to the people who work their they know the true purpose of the BSRC. They implant nano-bots into the Heroes and whenever they want they, can remote control them to their bidding. Forcing the same Heroes to go back to the BSRC (because it's a one of a kind place.) and slowly turning the heroes into their own little play things. Eventually, DynamiX finds out about through "inside" help and is the only one that can destroy the nano-bots using his power. (He screamed at the right frequency so only the bots could hear it.) and makes a team out of some of the BSRC escapees. Look at my recent post for the list of names Pawn, Olympus, Incinerator, and Echo. With a team that knows what the BSRC is, a war is about to go down between the "Heroes of Blitzkrieg" ,the BSRC and a unknown 3rd Party a supervillian team named the "Jail-Breakers" (The JB's are DynamiX's Rogues, like the main villains for the Flash or Batman      

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  • With the Lightman comic. HOLY JESUS that guy is powerful (Vornox) I feel so bad for Dave. Some comments would be try to flesh out Dave and Vornox a bit more. Did Vornox see something in Dave that he thought was corruptible. is Vornox, Dave from the future? See: Cole and Kessler from Infamous. Overall, sounds pretty good for a rough draft

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  • I plan on having a story arc all about Vornox and his origin.He gave Dave powers on purpose, Vornox recognized his braveness and he was looking for someone to turn into the defender of Earth.Vornox is a completey neutral being, but Dave does not know that, he thinks he is evil for what he did

  • And yes, I was thinking about Vornox being a Dave Mallec of the future, who's power grew and grew until he became Vornox. But there are also other things that I could do for it, I am not sure

    On another note Lightman may seem like a cliche name but it is something that you remember people by, you dont feel weird saying Batman, that is just an animal name then man

  • Are they called the jail-breakers for a reason?

  • Also:Dave HATES Vornox over all else, his story is one of revenge. He would put fellow team members' lives on the line just to have revenge, but otherwise he is responsible

  • They're called the Jail-Breakers because each of the villains have broken out of a maximum security Prison the villains names are (Alcatraz, Guantanamo, Devil Isle, and the Chateau.) based on what Jail they broke out of.

    Also: My Descendants series and DynamiX series will crossover but, I'm not saying how or why. I might just put the 2 series in my own created universe and break away from both Marvel and DC Comics    

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  • since I'm completely lost in terms of current discussion and recently decided I don't want my ideas in a public forum (nothing against you guys, you just can never be too safe these days) when I was 9 I made my own comics that were usually some poorly drawn 6 to 15 page stories that were pretty ridiculous rip offs of what I was familiar with, the biggest one was probably the M-men (m stood for mutant) I made like 50 something "issues" and the members were Hyper: de facto leader with a scarred face who wore a mask and was able to manipulate waves of energy (basically havoc from x-men's powers), Spike: a "cool" rebel type character who could turn any part of his body into razor sharp weapons, Energizer: electric powers guy, Zappo; he just shot curvy sharp energy, Gecko: basically a mute spider-man type character who could turn bile into rope he could swing on, and Bob who was a shape shifter. other stuff I made was Kow-Chang: a kung fu fighter (like iron fist) who gained knowledge of martial arts after suffering brain damage for some reason, the indestructible bulk: basically the hulk, the exterminator: pretty much the punisher but he killed aliens, the wolf: who was werewolf who used his powers to fight crime (which sounds very similar to robert kirkman's recent astounding wolf man series, not saying he stole my idea, except I am) and slasher who was basically a teenaged wolverine

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  • The Book

  • Im writing a new short story, I think its pretty good once im done ill give everyone the feed back.

  • @ptom: that is how i have planned to do it from the start and it has worked out pretty well so far, there are no boundries in terms of creation, you set everything yourself.

    @Choas: sounds like how marvel copied everyone from DC.OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!

  • Before everyone gets kidnapped by the military, Crimsonwing and Lightman are going to team up and there will probably be three others, but I have not thought of them yet.

  • Im deciding to take a break with my Thunderstruck idea and persue a system of short stories. When Im done maybe i could email or something them to anyone here who would like to read them. Feedback would be nice

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