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Comic book ideas 2

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  • By da way everybody, my name is nuck, but nuke would be be a cool nickname:)

  • I dont want it to be like a super hero. He, Isaac, never did want to be a super hero, he just wants justice. I mean anti hero like a person who wants the right thing but doesnt procure it in a conventional manner. Like Rorchak from the watchmen. Im planning on it being more of a development kinda thing with the character, moral and motives wise.

  • I can get with that Parker sounds good the 1st cover should be a picture of 2 Isaac's one that's completely nerdy before the change and the 2nd should be him holding a skull or a jocks head HEHEHEHE.  

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  • Violence FTW

  • theres a movie called powder that sounds similar to your idea parker

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  • Really!? Im not copying I swear!

  • wasn't saying you were just saying theres some similar ideas out there

    "If you really loved me you'd all kill yourselves right now"  -Spider Jerusalem

  • Crimsonwing is still going to use a staff but is going to inject into the center (like robin's staff in Arkham City. I'm not copying Arkham though, i swear.and i'm thinking about having the mob boss/chief of police kill his police partner

  • Still having trouble thinking of stuff for my other superhero though

  • People have recently been bringing up good superhero comic ideas... its really helping me brainstorm for my idea. Strangely I'm doing this Honor Humanities school assignment (along with my 20 page by on philosophy, the propoganda, and what it means to be human within comic books). So here it goes (I'm open to any criticisms or thoughts):

    The year 2027 and world we know is in fear of nuclear war because of overpopulation, lack of resources, and people in search of too much power. Technology is moving at the speed of the decline of mankind, so space colonization or the building of underground bunkers will prove useless. Extinction will be imminent if there is no action taken.

    From here all the global powers decide to give their best scientists and greatest minds to decide what the world should do to avoid a catastrophe. Most of scientists rehash ideas like space colonization and fallout shelters but one scientist (my protagonist) gives a unique idea. What he wants to do is create a superhuman, not just a human with super powers, but a Christ figure of some sorts. He believes if he creates the superhuman/Christ figure (known as Test Subject 40), that he can unite the world and stop global catastrophe. Eventually after many failed test subjects, all the scientists leave to be with their families except for our protagonist. Everyone knows the world is going to end so they don't do anything about it, which enrages the protagonist. He is furious that mankind would give up on themselves, so he changes his idea, he decides to create this Christ figure as a replacement for humanity. I'm still brainstorming for the rest of the story but that's what I have.

    Edit: One more thing, the mind of our protagonist: The philosophy of the scientist changes throughout the story. At first he wants to give humanity the life he never had because in the past he accidentally killed his research team when dangerous experiment went awry. This led him to a path of alcoholism which made his family (wife and two sons) leave him to never be seen again. So with these past regrets he wants to make the world a better place for the future. From this stage he goes into a different level of craziness.

    When he sees time is running out, he starts to kidnap children and increase the life process (kind of like Bioshock), and when they fail he euthanizes them. The group of scientists find him crazy so they leave to spend there last moments with their own families.

    The final stage of his insanity will be his hatred of humanity and him thinking the world is a big joke. So he decides to invest in one child (subject 40) and make him a super soldier to replace mankind.

    The ending I'm still thinking along with some other plot things but any feedback will be appreciated.

    Edit^2: Sorry for the long post

  • Nice job Chris sounds really thought out. I now present some more info on my hero DynamiX. Comment on it!!!!

    In the bloodstained and shining metropolis that is Blitzkrieg a new hero is born in a surprising way... Darius Hall is a 15 year old who has lived in Blitzkrieg for as long as he can remember, he knows every nook and cranny and lives life boringly with the rest of his friends and family. All he wants is to have an “exciting” everyday life of thrill and adrenaline, a life of high speed chases and saving the day action. One day, Darius is caught between the Justice League and Darkseid in a bloody war. During the battle Darius gains the power of controlling and bending sound to his will. After gaining his new found power, Darius creates a new persona to battle crime and villains plaguing his city: The Heroic DynamicX! He will soon see what it’s like to be the spotlight of the show…and all the terror it has to offer.

                                                 DC Comics: New 52 Young Justice

    DynamiX Issue 1: The 1st of a 5-Part Story arc titled Jailbreak Part 1 of 5

    DynamiX Issue 6: Kick starts a brand new arc for our hero! Titled 3 Heads are better than 1 Part 1 of 3

    DynamiX #1: In the city of Blitzkrieg a hero is made! A brand new hero comes loudly into the New 52! Darius Hall is an ordinary teenager until he gets caught between a battle with the JL and Darkseid! Now, Darius fights crime as the Heroic DynamiX, but what happens when his first villain is a serial killer that can assume anyone’s identity?    

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  • I hope and pray that the DCComics GODS are reading this ^_^ as you can see I want to get DynamiX picked up by DC

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  • @ptom: If your idea got picked up by another company then you would probably have to rethink some of that but if dc did it,it sounds really good

  • I know, I thought of a way to incorporate my idea to Marvel DynamiX would be a mutant and he enrolled into the Wolverine School or maybe the Avengers Academy.

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  • I am going to have some kind of school like that in my universe

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