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Comic book ideas 2

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  • I'd recommend a recreation of the greatest single panel comic of all time:

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  • That is hilarious. That is a new yorker cartoon isn't it?

  • its a shel silverstein cartoon, no idea what it's from, for all I know it's one of his playboy cartoons

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  • neat idea I feel like sharing that's vague enough to not get stolen (I trust you guys I just don't trust intellectual property thieves) Basically a really gritty Hardboiled Noir in a world with superpowers, its been done in comics before in a way, particularly Incognito and a little bit of Greg Rucka's Punisher and Brian Michael Bendis' Alias, but I'm thinking more along the lines of a traditional genre film sort of thing set in a world where superpowers are an everyday occurence, former super-heroes are now corrupt politicians, supervillains run organized crime, vigilantism and street crime is common due to so many people with powers, and it's about someone like a washed up old war vet working as a private eye with powers, he's not the toughest guy in the world but he can get the job done, he's a about 40 pounds overweight, he's got nearly debilitating drug and alcohol habits, and he's in debt to a supervillain, or a big conspiracy finds him, or he's up against the wall and has to fight his way out, standard Noir stuff just starring a guy who can punch holes in brick walls in a world filled with super powered individuals

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  • I think getting hit in the head with a bookshelf (true story) got me a'thinkin'... I got a few ideas.

    My first one is a 40s Mafia Noir Crime esque dark and gritty style comic that is about a younger 20-ish

    guy named either Vince or Jonny joining the Mafia and rising through the ranks and the comic is basically the chronicle of his story. I'm thinking about involving super powers, but I'm not sure. The series will be mainly focused on Plot Twists, Unpredictability and Interesting characters. I'm taking advantage of the nicknames that the Mafia takes such affection to, and used them to create characters. One character that I've already made is one named "Hook" who (as you probably guessed) has a hook for a hand.

    If someone has already done something like this, please, do tell.

  • Also, the mob boss woould just be "Boss" and his right hand man is "Cardinal" and he usually acts as his eyes and ears.

  • OH! I got it! Jonny's (I need a good Italian last name) power will be "Energy Absorbtion". This means he is bullet proof, fire proof and he can re-use the energy in creative ways (give someone a handshake and they burst into flames, or light a cigar with his finger). This gives him the edge above all the other mobsters and he quickly rises through the ranks.

  • interesting you should write that after my last post...hurm... also when dealing in crime fiction its pretty much essential to have knowledge of all the stuff thats come before you, it's such a diverse genre that its difficult to come up with anything really new in it, the best you can hope for is to line up all the pieces just right and hope people like it, as is you've got a sort of weirdo version of power man who as far as I can tell has no redeeming qualities, which isn't bad, some of the best hardboiled characters are pretty much irredeemable a-holes that are really only interesting because you get to see them unleashed upon people who underestimate them (Richard Stark's Parker for instance) theres also got to be an end goal, crime stories are rarely if ever just about someone rising through the ranks (in the almost stagnant mob sub-genre that started going out of style after Mario Puzo's books exploded and led to people mainly reading true crime for their mob-fix) which isn't to say you can't work with it. Let's take Brian Depalma's Scarface for example, a movie that's main narrative featured a down-and-out immigrant turning to crime to live out the american dream, this makes him a bit of an underdog and we're able to root for Tony Montana as he rises to the top of a drug empire, until his anger leads to him killing his best friend and alienating everyone he loves as armed thugs come to kill him (the "say hello to my lil' friend!" scene, which wasn't really about him being cool, it was about a broken man lashing out at whatever he could, not caring if he lived or died because he had nothing left, Scarface is about the bastardization of the american dream, the Godfather Trilogy is about a man's descent into hell, coming to a point where he is completely beyond redemption despite his best efforts, he dies alone having destroyed any chance at happiness he may have once had, Those are more mainstream examples of the type of story you seem to be going for, not many Noir's revolve around the mob, they might feature the mob but the focus is generally on a loner who lives on the fringes of society who has to overcome corruption or conspiracy to triumph over evil, often times he fails and sometimes even dies, but he always succeeds in at least thwarting the villains plans (unless its chinatown which features one of  the worst noir endings of all time) what you're pitching sounds kinda silly, not to be cruel but Noirs are far more than silly nicknames and violence, theres a tar-black beating heart underneath them that needs to be tapped, I say let the idea ruminate and grow, broaden your horizons in the genre and build up from where you're at, all great modern crime stories borrow heavily from stuff from the past, Tarantino's made a whole career off of it

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  • Crap, I just seen your earlier post, and they do kinda sound alike...I know the idea is kinda crappy right now, but I'm just gonna keep thinking about it.

  • Oh, and speaking of Scarface (Al Kapone), I've seen his Michigan hideout house! Just thought I'd mention it.

  • Al capone isn't scarface. But cool. I've seen his decoy grave and know where hes actually buried. Seen it a few times

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  • I like ur mob crime idea it has potential but as chaos said it's hard to pull off. Going off ur idea, I would go with a title like "untouchable"

    Personally I like you angel rings idea just change it from acartoony style to a darker legit style like certain older batman or spawn comics. Maybe even something like witchblade might be a good example.


    Now I wanna watch the godfather

    Vittoria per gli Assassini!

  • if you've never seen it you should, first two are classics third one is a bit boring because all the good characters are dead or didn't want to be in it but it's still an essential part of the overall arc as it features the consequences of Michael's actions in the past two films finally catching up with him

    also with scarface the original from around the 40's was about Al Capone, when Depalma remade it he wanted it to be more modern so he reimagined the overall arc as dealing with a colombian drug kingpin in miami

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  • and if you have seen it I'm glad I got you to want to rewatch it

    "If you really loved me you'd all kill yourselves right now"  -Spider Jerusalem

  • Yeah, Al Capone is Scarface.

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