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Comic book ideas 2

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  • yeah, you can't call it the shadow, the shadows existed since the 40's or so

    "If you really loved me you'd all kill yourselves right now"  -Spider Jerusalem

  • "If you really loved me you'd all kill yourselves right now"  -Spider Jerusalem

  • I've been playing around with a few ideas lately, mainly one about the antichrist with a twist and another idea that would fit in with that sort of supernatural world involving an ancient Sky-god with base similarities to the sandman ie all powerful figure with a lot of things in his past to make up for and sort of developing into a better "person"

    "If you really loved me you'd all kill yourselves right now"  -Spider Jerusalem

  • oh and cameron, blood and gore are fine in a story but usually only if it suits the story you're trying to tell, you should come up with a suitable story and add gore afterwards, even some of the most vulgar writers in comics have a solid foundation underneath all the sickening violence, example: Mark Millar's Kick-ass was about being who you want to be in spite of societal pressure and escaping from the mundane aspects of everyday life, it played out like a hard R action film starring a little girl decapitating people, but that basic premise was at its core. Garth Ennis' Crossed was about a group of survivors trying to live in a world devoid of hope and filled to the brim with evil, it played out like a demented zombie film in which the infected retain their intelligence and instead are made to act out their horrible disgusting, evil, sex-crazed impulses. Hope that helps some. 

    Edit: came up with an even more literal example, though its from a novel but it's the same basic idea, when Bret Easton Ellis wrote american psycho (a book made controversial by its graphic depictions of often sexual violence) he was aiming at making a book that represented a place he was in his life at a point that he had everything he could ever want but he only felt bad, to do this he wrote a pretty bland story devoid of anything really sensational, the went back through and wrote all the violent parts which allowed for a sort of poetic juxtaposition

    "If you really loved me you'd all kill yourselves right now"  -Spider Jerusalem

  • I got an idea but I need help fleshing it out. It involves a family in a world where Magic, Science, Technology, and The Old Ways (Think Feudal Japan) all exist on one world. In the town of Eden 3 brothers Tristan, Darius, and William (Tristan is a Samurai, Darius is a  Wizard, and William a Bounty Hunter) William wants to own his own Guild and decides to move to the city called Driscoll (Think New York just with a hint of Skyrim and Tron thrown in) Darius and Tristan go with him to fulfill their own dreams. Tristan strives to become a Diamyo (Leader of his own Samurai Clan) and Darius wants to join the Arcane Magi. Tristan accidentally signs them all up for the BOUNTY CROSSING. A rite of passage for young Bounty Hunters. Now, the 2 brothers must  help William hunt and capture 500 Criminals within a years time.  THOUGHTS??

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  • @Mr. X: Sounds like a good start.

  • @Chaos: I know, it's not just going to be pointless violence, it will have meaning. It could be meant to show how he is disturbed ny things in his normal life like dealing with childhood problems and he takes it out by, well, murdering people.

    I still have much of Jason's character to flesh out, but I've done some of it already, and here it is.

    Jason is a bit of a social outcast, he's not weird he's just...different. He has friends but very few and they are the unpopular kids, he gets picked on at school and despises the bullies. He is a good kid but has a very dark/psychotic side (I am going to have a very dark issue where he finally snaps and beats the sh*t out of one of the bullies). He is immature, and acts so. He loves having superpowers and abuses them. Also, of course, he can't talk to girls. And through the series, depending on what happens, he will get a better or worse attitude.

  • @Mr. Ex: I like the idea of a trio of Magic/Sci-Fi/Samurai type bounty hunters.

  • Ok, sorry, I got some more stuff.

    NOTE THAT THE FOLLOWING IS MADE-UP LORE, NO DISRESPECT TO DA BIBLE (I'm catholic so I don't want to make you guys think this stuff is actually in the bible)

    The Shadow Ring is a weapon that was created in Heaven when God requested that his third Archangel, Azrael (Angel of Death/Punishment in Islam religion) make an item that would impose his (Azrael's) will on the sinners of earth by dropping the item onto Earth. God frowned upon the idea of an item that's sole purpose was to find a wielder and then kill people, When He found out Azrael had created just that in the form of the Shadow Ring then he banished Azrael to Earth, along with the Ring. Azrael became the first wielder of his own creation, an assassin that killed the bad people of Earth.

    This living ring of death was passed down for millenia after Azrael died until it found its way to our protaiganist, Jason.

  • Also the Shadow Ring is "alive" (it can't move but...ya'know what I mean)  and it talks to Jason mentally.

  • Ok, I rethought this.

    The ring belonged to Azrael (the angel of Death and Punishment) . There are three rings called the Archangel Rings, each one belonged to an Archangel. Michael's is the Guardian Ring, Gabriel's is the Agent Ring, Azrael's is the Shadow Ring.

    Azrael was banished to earth for disobeying the will of God and his name was stripped from the bible, when he got to earth he started aging, he aged and eventually died.

    Upon dying, his soul was absorbed into the ring and the ring was lost, found, and lost again countless times for hundreds of years because if the wearer of the ring is not the chosen one, the ring will not work (will not transform the wearer).

    But in 2012, the ring finally found the chosen one, Jason Jones (new name).

  • Also, the ring is not just alive, it is Azrael, he can speak through it, he treats Jason like a dumba$$. This series is also going to have a lot of interesting characters. I have a couple things planned. Jason's crusade of crime-fighting will stay secret for awhile, but when people figure out about Jason, he'll have to get out of it. At some points, Jason will be fighting to redeem Azrael as an Archangel, at other points he will be fighting against angels as they try to stop him from killing more people. The other Archangels and God will try to kill Jason through direct combat and general bad luck, like this:

    Jason is walking to school and everything is peaceful and quiet, then, out of nowhere, a bolt of lightning strikes right next to him, just missing him. Then, he just he just mumbles "hmmph" and keeps walking.

  • Ok it's been awhile since I did anything here so I thought it would be best to start in this thread.

    @Mr. Ex

    It sounds good and I like the aspect of it being 3 brothers on different paths all being forced into one.

    Also, hows blitzkreig going?


    The killing idea of the ring is alright but if Jason is the "chosen one" for the ring, then shouldn't he be a balance to it like bring more humanity to the power? Like questioning the need for the violence and bloodshed or disobeying the ring's will?

    Also the biggest snare you would have with your story is the "God" aspect. Not so much how you have god casting azrael down to earth, but how where you have god trying to kill jason. Most people see god as loving, forgiving, and nuturing like a father figure. So you would turn off a chunk of readers with this idea as it is hard to find an audiance at all when "god" is involved.

    Also I was wondering how you would explain the other 2 rings existance on earth. Were they left there to tie the other 2 archangel's to a human vessel or what? Also a suggestion of another ring, the "lucifer" ring, and the story for it; when god cast lucifer down into the pits of hell, he managed to catch the ledge of the opening with a finger, and as the pit closed it severed that finger from his hand. And either the finger curled and turned itself into a ring or the finger had a ring on it that was left when the finger eventually disintegrated.

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  • Yeah. I was trying to think of a way to incorporating it into a different kind of mythology, like Roman, Greek, or Norse (which one? Or is there another one you think would be better?).

    For now I think I may try to focus on the Owl (thinking about changing a few things about him) because I still have not wrote anything for him.

  • Hey, so I just picked up a Wacom tablet and a copy of photoshop and I want to practice using it (My experience is exactly zero) I thought it might be fun to ask you guys for suggestions for one panel comics or things that I could cut my teeth on.

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