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Avengers VS. X-Men

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  • So I guess Marvels big event this year is a concept where the Avengers go at it against the X-men. Any thoughts on this. It seems like it could have potential. Or at least be better the the past few events Marvel has come up with

  • I've been tired of Bendis for awhile now, as long as this doesn't interfere with the like, three marvel books i'm still buying monthly I'll be completely indifferent to this event, I think I read that Frank Cho's doing some art though, so that's cool

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  • we need to pull out of this "slump". There really hasnt been an "event" that i have been totally excited for since the Blackes Night. And that left me wanting on some things. What was the really good last event do you guys think?

  • I thought flashpoint was cool, but that had it's flaws and I've always been a fan when it comes to dystopian alternate reality stories, other than that...um, Civil War? I'd be happier without some big event that shakes things up for a few issues only to undo all the changes later on, if they want more sales just get some talent behind their books, I thought getting Mark Waid writing daredevil and greg rucka writing punisher and rick remender doing something new with venom was really good, I don't read comics for gimicks or collecting I read them because I like good stories, if they can focus on the writing aspect more than the business side everyone will win, as is though they seem to have some good talent lined up for Avengers vs. X-men, except for Bendis...that kinda kills it for me

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  • i would like to see fewer events but when they do come make them pretty epic. Im not talking about killing all the characters just to bring them back. Im talking great stories, fatastic art with unforgettable moments. I guess the events today feel so slapped together.

    there where parts of Flashpoint I liked, (Toman Wayne being batman) one of them. But the whole alternate reality thing has been driven into the ground by DC.

  • alternate realities have been driven into the ground by comics period, at least Flashpoint did something different with it making it a kind of "it's a wonderful life" type story, it felt more like something was at stake I guess, I also liked Civil War, but the thing is, do most of these stories have to be events? I couldn't have cared less about Spider-Island but I still had to deal with it due to the Venom series tie ins (although Rick Remender at least focused more on Flash Thompson and his dad for those two issues) my point is most events would be better suited for miniseries without tying every other book the company publishes, it's okay for certain things, because obviously six issues can't give you an entire feel for how the characters are dealing with the events (Stracynski's Spider-man tie in's for Civil War dealt with the emotional aspect of his decision to unmask himself) so i guess as long as its story and character driven, and the tie in's make sense for the story (most of flashpoint's tie ins gave for a better feel of just how messed up the world had become) then it's okay, when it doesn't really make sense and books are just pushed out for money then it's a problem, Bendis has had a weird track record on this, I thought some of his ideas for dark reign and everything were cool, but all it really added up to were more comics to sell, granted Marvel's fully backing this with their top talent so it has a lot of potential even if the core idea of hero vs. hero has been done before, I don't need any big changes, I just want the characters to behave the way they normally would and for the writers to tell a fun story, no more no less, and here's hoping for more focused events in the future, sorry if I rambled there, theres so much to talk about when it comes to the whole events issue

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  • here are some covers for whats about to go down on the Avenger VS X-men. Some of them look pretty cool. But what the hell is on Collosus's (sp?)? .


  • I would say that DC wouldnt come out with and event this year because they pushing the new 52 so much

  • it looks like juggernaut got mixed with collossus?

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  • hhhmmmm. Well Its time for some positive. I think that some of the covers or teaser posters (whatever) look pretty cool. I wander how the captain america with wolverine will do? They were both avengers and I know that Logan admires caps soldier back ground.

    Not to sure about the Hulk and Emma Frost???? And are you telling me Magneto couldnt crush Tony Stark's Sh^T? I might pick a few of these up

  • @Chaos is Beauty: Yeah, that happened recently and I wasn't happy with it but it couldn't happen to a nicer guy, I guess.

    My pull list

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  • does he still have a russian accent!?

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  • More like Piotr IS the new Juggernaut. During Fear Itself, he made a bargain with Cyttorak, the god(?) who embodies the Gem of Cyttorak which gives Cain Marko the powers of the Juggernaut, to gain the power to stand against Juggernaut while he was posessed by Kuurth. In the end, Marko was no longer the "Champion of Cyttorak" and the title was passed on to Colossus.

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  • hhhmmmm i dont know how i feel about the new look. But back to the covers, I think the Rouge and Mrs. Marvel will be interesting. Didnt Rouge get her flying and strength from Mrs. Marvel in the past?

  • why does he have the juggernaut helmet? isn't that to keep psychics out of his head? whatever, the "new" new avengers cover looks like cyclops and Cap are gonna kiss

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