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The Return of Pulp?

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  • So it seems that recently Pulp has been making a comeback, mainly due to writer Ed Brubaker's series Criminal and Incognito (which is itself an homage to classic Pulp) now for those who dont know, "Pulp" was a subgenre back in the hayday of comics, the Pulps were basically these smutty looking magazines (called pulp for the papers lack of quality) and featured stories by all kinds of different writers like H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E Howard (creator of Conan the Barbarian), more recently Pulp has become a style of writing in itself, and Brubaker seems to be almost singlehandedly bringing it back (first with his series Sleeper, and now with Criminal and Incognito) but then theres also 100 Bullets' Pulpy Noir style, or the Green Hornets recent re-emergence in comics, could we be seeing a new era of Pulp styled comics? what do you think? just post your comments below

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