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Breaking the Steroeotype

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  • (not trying to offend anybody) So we all know the stereotypes, right? That the usual comic reader is some big fat 40-year old virgin who lives in his mom's basement and showers once a month? Well, guys, I'm really sick of that, but truth hurts and some of the hardcore readers are just that, but while I'm only twelve, I am definitley not a big stinky nerd. I think this is what is kind of killing the industry, comics have never really been that well-selling, they came under fire by people right when they started turning into what we see today. While I'm not really sure about their sales around the 70's-80's, I know that they were really low in the 90's and still are. So it's in decline. Probably at least part of what's responsible for that is that reading comics is not really a cool & "hip" thing for people to do (or at least people my age). Which brings us back to the main point, people think comic readers are just a bunch of nerds, I would really like to see this type of thinking finally broken, and for people to stop looking down on comic readers for the for a change. Maybe it's just where I live, but I only know two people in person that actually read comics. So, if you're not person that all those things apply to and you are sick of being looked at like that, I think you probably share my state of mind. This was not set off by someone saying stuff to me, but I feel bad for the kids that actually get crap for being "nerds". I apologize if you see this as a rant, but I'm just trying to make a point.
  • twelve year olds are pretty lame, people stop acting like idiots when you get older (for the most part) and that stereotype is largely non existent at this point as far as I can tell, sure theres overweight comic fans who live with their parents, there's also overweight sports fans who live with their parents, that stereotype no longer has any power over fans of comic books because we've reached a point of self acceptance and the world largely accepts us for who we are, the main thing is to be yourself and not care what other people think, unless it involves big bang theory, I hate that show

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  • Yeah and I agree about BBT. And I won't take "twelve year olds are pretty lame" as an insult lol.

  • @Cameron @Chaos: I feel the same way on both accounts. I watched damn near a whole season of BBT and didn't find it funny. Sadly, when I go to the lcs, I rarely see any kids or women. Most of the men I see there are middle aged and a good portion of the are married, long-time readers. Then again, this is during the early afternoon on Wednesday when kids are in school and most people are working.

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  • People who read comics are, generally, nerds. I am a closeted nerd, I don't share my interest in comics with many people, but look at the subjects of comic books, they are genrally sci-fi or fantasy based. both of which are, generally, nerdy subjects, with exceptions being things like game of thrones or walking dead. I think what makes people nerdy about comics is that it takes more than passing interest in those things in order to read comics. It takes a level of dedication that many people don't have. Ultimately is comes down to what Chaos said, who gives a Fug what other people think...well i do, which is why I keep that shib to myself, but I am vain.

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