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The Fantastic Other

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  • So American Vampire is back in December and there is going to be a new Sandman comic pretty soon.

  • @Cameron: Yes. I'm definitely looking forward to Gaiman's return to Sandman.

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  • Just read all seven issues of Christos Gage's Absolution which he wrote for Avatar Press, it is, as expected a bit more violent than your standard creator owned comic but it's a bit of a rarity for an Avatar book in that none of the violence feels particularly exploitative (except maybe the last page of issue 0) I'd wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a superhero book with an edge to it. The plot is basically that in real life special crimes units Police officers are transferred out and replaced before too long because any sane person having to see the things they see day in and day out would start to lose it after awhile, Absolution takes place in a world where superpowered individuals are hired to these task forces but unlike real life you aren't so easily replaced if you have powers. The story follows John Dusk an officer who has Green Lantern like powers who is haunted by the things he sees, after allowing a superpowered perpetrator to die from the defensive wounds John inflicted on him after seeing the extent of his crimes John begins to become unhinged, when on a routine domestic dispute call that ended with a man beating a woman to death, John follows protocol but is accosted by the man, John kills him and makes it look like a murder suicide. John Dusk soon realizes that not only does killing despicable people feel right, it feels good, and he can't stop.

    It's admittedly a pretty dark story but I felt the execution was dead on the characters feel like real people and there's an angle similar to Death Wish or Breaking Bad where we follow a character doing bad things but can't help but understand why they do these things and sympathize with them to an extent. If you've got the stomach for it it's definitely a different take on superheros and is enormously entertaining

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  • @Chaos: sounds interesting, I'll try to check that out.

  • Just be warned it is considerably more violent than say, your standard image or vertigo book, I only meant it was tame among other Avatar Press books which have a tendency to feature rather grotesque scenes of gore and violence

    "If you really loved me you'd all kill yourselves right now"  -Spider Jerusalem

  • Has anyone read The Manhattan Projects by Matt Fraction? I got the first issue for free and am thinking about getting the rest, it's really interesting, it's like a super sci -fi / scientific take on the secerets of the government. Reminds me kinda of M.I.B.

    @Chaos: Then yeah I take it it's pretty bad, but I'm usually pretty numb to that sort of thing (that's not good, I know).

  • Holy Crap!!! Kick-Ass is frickin awesome!

  • i am a huge BOOMstudios fan... they are really comin up... other that that Chew(image) is latest obsession.    RobGuillory is amazing...

  • @DrPool

    I really liked Irredeemable and Incorruptible, the all ages books they're putting out are also pretty great, and yes, Chew is a great series

    "If you really loved me you'd all kill yourselves right now"  -Spider Jerusalem

  • @Chaos: I second, or is it third, the feelings about Chew. For full disclosure, I'm not current with it but got the omnivore editions from amazon and loved them. I have yet to  laugh at/be grossed out by a comic series like that.

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    Vae Victis.

    Vocatus atque non vocatus deus aderit.

  • I really liked the first issue of Trillium by Jeff Lemire, espescially with how expierimental it was. Anyone else pick it up?

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