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New 52 (Likes, dislikes, and the like)

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  • Crap sorry, forgot to say I read it...

    Forever Evil AND Batman Black & White. Gonna be a good week

  • Biggest New 52 dislike so far...with the exception of Future's End (and really, who knows how that's going to turn out yet...too soon to call it...), the Wildstorm characters have been misused and shelved...I remember Stormwatch (and their magnum opus, The Authority) as well as Grifter and the likes being FAR more relevant/appealing prior to their incorporation in The New 52...now, there are no Wildstorm characters left prominently featured in the line up, most of them having been cancelled and shelved for now. I'm REALLY hoping that these characters make a resurgence soon and can be incorporated in the ongoing DCU without fading into obscurity...

    Percussus Resurgo

  • Well I never really read DC/Wildstorm prior to the New 52, so I never really read any wildstorm. But I haven't really liked anything with the characters in it in the new52, because like you said, they've been pretty poorly utilized. But I think that one of DC's goals with furture's end is to make them relevant again, as they play big parts in the story. Hopefully that works out for them and they can make at least one good book featuring. Wildstorm characters.

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