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New 52 (Likes, dislikes, and the like)

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  • I figured there should be a thread about everyone's thoughts on the reboot, even though I suspect most will be negative. I read Batgirl 18 yesterday and thought it was much better written than all of the other issues in the volume thus far. The thing is-it wasn't written by Simone but by Ray Fawkes. Anyone else agree/disagree? What else has been/is still bugging you about the New 52? Have you actually liked anything about it? Blah, blah blah.

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  • I'm actually buying more DC books now than I ever was before, I know a lot of people complain about the 5 year timeline and a lot of stuff not syncing up and old stuff getting erased and blah blah blah, but comic books are a storytelling medium and so far there have been some fantastic stories told in the new 52, a lot of them would have fit into the old continuity just fine which means they sort of missed the whole point of a "reboot" but the only thing that's really upset me was how they thoroughly erased arguably the best batman story of all time: Year One

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  • @Chaos: I definitely have to agree with they Year One thing as Snyder's Zero Year isn't going to be able to hold a candle to it. Sadly, when I made a list of my Top 10 picks thus far, there wasn't a single DC title on it. : /. I have thoroughly enjoyed GL, Earth 2, Justice League (especially for the Shazam stories at the end), Aquaman, and Justice League Dark, as they're some of the series I've actually stuck with for the entirety of the reboot. I also enjoyed the few issues of Team 7 that I read and immediately subscribed to Justice League of America because it'll feature the Martian Manhunter, one of my favorite characters.

    What's your take on Snyder's run on Swamp Thing as I haven't read it but was quite fond and creeped out, of/by Moore's 80's run? Also, which DC books are you buying, if you don't mind me asking? Finally, do you think we should do one other (active) thread for other publishers or do one separately for each one? I can see doing a Dark Horse thread separately from one that's for (Dynamite, Aspen, Valiant, ect.) but that may be redundant if no one is reading Dark Horse.

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  • Well I know I'm on the minority on this, but, I'm glad that the New 52 happened, if it didn't, I would still probably be a casual comic reader, subscribed to one series (Deadpool) like I was two years ago. The New 52 (mainly Batman) sparked my (deeper) love of comics, and for that, I am forever grateful.

    Every single one of Snyder/Capullo's Batman stories have been some of my favorite comics ever, Court of Owls (which will always have a special place in my heart for being my first ever Batman story) and Death of the Family were amazing, and I expect even more from Zero Year, which I suspect will be the story Snyder is remembered for. Snyder and Capullo are my two favorite in the industry right now.

    JLA had a very good first issue, I expect this series to be great. It focuses on Secrets, Darkness and Suprises.

    I've only read two issues of Green Lantern but I really like it, with all the sci-fi/space elements, interesting characters, and Geoff Johns writng, it's great.

    Justice League has had it's ups and downs but for the most part, I think it's been pretty exciting, it's just a comic that you have to make an effort to enjoy. Geoff Johns is another one of my favorites too.

    I've like every title that I've subscribed to more than any Marvel title, and that is saying something because used to be a die-hard Marvelite.

  • As for the thread thing, I like what we have going here with our main threads, we have two threads for DC and Marvel, and one for pretty much anything comic book news related. I don't read much Dark horse, but I'm not sure about everyone else, so my vote goes for a single thread for for Image, Dark Horse, Vertigo, Valiant, Dynamite and anything else besides the Big Two.

  • I've been meaning to try out Aquaman and Wonder Woman, I've heard great things about both of those series.

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  • we've got threads for the big two we might as well make one for the 15 other publishers and imprints, now to sort of check off things that have been brought up in my absence

    @Gaming Warthog: both of those series are phenomenal, particularly wonder woman, a book whose only flaw is that it only comes out once a month

    @Cameron: I'll always remember Snyder for American Vampire and Severed myself, and if He is remembered for Zero Year lets hope they're fond memories, erasing Year one was a major misstep on his part

    @Queso: if you're even remotely a fan of Moores run then Snyder's Swamp Thing is a must, at times it feels like just a big throwback to Moores run in a good way and it builds on a lot of the stuff Moore and the people after him set down as foundation for the Character, just be aware that you'll also probably need to get into Animal man as well, seeing as so far they've been pretty closely tied together, the two of them also seem to be some of the only people aware of the reboot even though its vaguely with previous events being referred to as dreams by both characters.

    And finally the DC books I'm buying (which is substantially easier than the books I get  on a monthly basis) are currently: Batman, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Justice League, Aquaman, JLA, wonder woman, and I recently jumped off of Dial H, and started reading Green Arrow with the creative team change, I'll also be grabbing Constantine when it comes out and Superman Unchained (or man of steel or whatever they're calling it) and dropping Swamp thing if and when the rumored Creative team changes happen

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  • @Chaos: The Swamp Thing creative team changes next issue, but I do not remember who is taking over. So Animal Man and Swamp thing know about the reboot, eh? They better not switch back to the old world or I'm gonna be mad, because doesn't Pandora know about it too? I heard she was in Flashpoint and I have yet to read it, so is that how it ends? Is the New52 part of the story?

    I'm eventually going to buy at least Snyder's run on Swamp Thing in volumes, but that is not at the top of my list, and, well...you don't wanna know how long my list IS.

    @Queso: As I said up ^^^ there, the ST creative team is shifting with the next issue, so that might be a good jumping on point, but if you are just interested in Snyder's run, it  should probably be finished in the third volume (when it's published) so I would reccomend waiting for the third volume.

    @Warty: Have you gotten around to trying any DC titles yet, or are you still testing out Marvel? Either way, again I suggest Batman a million times over.

  • Flashpoint ends with Barry Allen attempting to fix the damaged timestream and being told by a masked figure (Pandora) that several universes exist and that in order to prevent catastrophe Barry has to merge three of them creating one new universe, the new 52, Barry was also aware of the change but seemed ok with it as things were more or less back to normal and he delivered a message to Batman from Thomas Wayne the Flashpoint universes Batman, personally I don't mind them figuring out a way to maybe do another merge thing, people seem to forget that DC has rebooted their continuity several times, heck for awhile there were two timelines running parallel, which led to crisis on infinite earths which was designed to bring all of DC comics canon together into a newly established universal whole, they even set definite rules, like that the multiverse no longer existed etc. the new rules didn't last very long, New 52 will probably turn out similarly

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  • Well they should at least keep the costumes if that happens, I don't want the undies to come back.

  • I do, those undies are iconic

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  • Is that why John Constaine and Animal Man are in the DCU? Because I know they're from Vertigo.

  • Animal man is actually a DC character, the original vertigo comics were DC books that were written for mature readers so sandman, swamp thing and the original Constantine appearances and animal man all took place in the dcu, technically Constantine has always been in the DC continuity people just forgot about him for like 20 years because he was difficult to use in mainstream comics which left us with the vertigo john Constantine who had his own continuity and aged in real time, DC recently axed him in favor of the new series even though both series could've coexisted bleh, also speaking of obscure vertigo stuff did anyone else read Jeff lemires one shot of kid eternity? I'd totally buy a series for that book

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  • Besides for different costumes and Year One not being canon, a lot of Batman's history remains intact so far.

  • well except for the fact that it all somehow has to fit into a span of 5 years which it couldn't, even remotely, so far the only changes they've told us about are the ones you mentioned, also Tim Drake was never Robin

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