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Lego Games

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  • I personally love all the Lego Batman game and I'm picking up the second one tommorow, and with the Lego Marvel Superheroes game coming out, I thought I get your guys' opinions on them.
  • *Love the Lego Batman game

  • I appreciate the Batman games for their references to the canon, the talking in 2 got a little annoying but it was fine overall, any game that lets you play as sinestro gets nerd cred as far as I'm concerned

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  • I was a little dissapointed by the limit of Green Lantern's powers and the fact that anyone who can fly is faster than Flash running. Overall I love the game, as far as I know, It is the only game to cram all of the Justice League (and more) into one game.

    I was very dissapointed by character creation though, that crap sucks.

  • Well in any superhero game, someone gets depowered a bit or powered up to create a "level playing field"this has been the biggest complaint with any game featuring or starring superman and sometimes the hulk. An example is the upcoming injustice game; they have to find a way to explain how supes, ww, and gl can be defeated by catwoman or nightwing (which most likely will be a depowered story). In dc vs mk it was power fluxes from the worlds merging.


    Justice league heroes (ps2, maybe others) had a good amount of the JL in it including 3 gl, 2-3 flashes, and even huntress. Most people dont know/don't remember it because it got eclipsed by the first marvel ultimate alliance game released the same year.

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  • The first lego game I have played is lego lord of the rings with my brother in law. this may seem weird but my favorite part is the split screen, not the multiplayer gameplay, the actual way they split the screen for it. I have not seem it done before, but the bar that divides the screen turns on a point in the center of the screen. So, the side of the screen you are on is always relative to your partner. The game is a lot of fun as well, but i was just amazed that no one had done that before (at least that I had experienced. )

  • The first one I played was the SW collection.

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  • @CA: I remember that game now. Also, I know about them having to limit their powers, but they could have done some stuff with GL more.

    @Fames: I have not played that one, but I have seen it and it looks kinda cool.

    @Queso: I have only played the original and complete saga.

  • I really liked the Lego Batman games too I always play them at my girlfriend's house and I really like their arcade like style and their charming humor. I'm really looking forward to the Lego Marvel Heroes game that's coming out soon. It looks great and more action packed then the last Lego games.

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