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Group Ideas

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  • @cam

    No its not locked to me, I don't even have access to the comics group blog. I always posted it from my personal blog. I just meant passing on a the title to Warty for continuity reasons.

  • Oh, well I wish I could give him access to it but I don't think there is any way to do that.

  • @Gaming Warthog: Good luck with that!

    @Chaos: I second you being the sage.

    @FAMESREVENGE: Was your blog count ever corrected?

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  • Nope I still have only ever posted 4 blogs.

  • Well, I wrote up a review of Uncanny Avengers #1. I'm doing a 31/31, so I decided to kill two birds with one Uncanny Avengers issue. I guess you could consider this my job application for being a group reviewer.

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  • @Warty: Well, man, I think you did great :)

    @Everyone: As far as I'm concerned, anyone could post reviews now and then, even if it's not their jobs, I may even post a review now and then. I also think that with our reviews we should give the comic a final score, 1-10. Let me know if you want to do that or not.

  • Personally I am against numerical or astronomical grading systems in general. I feel that telling the reader that you would recommend they buy it or not, with however many caveats you choose to include, a much better indicator of the quality than any sort of grading system. I say this mostly because I find many comic reviewers end up placing almost all comics in this safe B range where they don't have to worry about defending a negative review nor will they have to justify a perfect score. If you would like proof of this look no further than CBR, a site which rarely gives a comic a score other than 4 stars, and if it differs from that it is to the benefit of the comic. In a round about way what I am saying is that I prefer a more conversational review, which I find difficult to have when it ends with "This comic gets 7 points" or stars or alphabet letters. I dont mean to just crap all over your idea, I am in agreement that there should be consistency among the posts if we are blogging as a kind of community. I think a shared title would be nice, as well as publishing it through the group itself if possible. do you have access to the groups blog?

    I would like to say this. In terms of weekly comic reviews, I am willing to do some, it is just the frequency of them that I found difficult to keep up with. If there are a few people (Warty, Queso, I am looking at you) who would rotate I would be up to write. If I could do 1 a month I would be happy, because it was something I genuinely enjoyed doing.

  • I get what you mean, I just thought I'd bring up the idea of a score. As far as the weekly rotaion of the review/reviews, I think we should get four reviewers to rotate each week, that way we could get at least one review for each week by a different person, therefore, you would only have to post one once a month.

    And yes, I do have access to the Group blog, that is where I will be posting the weekly blog, and I could make links to that week's review/reviews, if you want.

  • can someone tell me what the hell a sage is? I mean, I know what a sage is but what would that entail me doing? sitting in a corner complaining in platitudes?

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  • I honestly have no freakin' idea...

  • @Cameron and FAMESREVENGE: I feel roughly the same is FAMES does about a number system, although I feel that it can work well when coupled with a conversational review. That way, the readers can see how you came to a rating with your reasoning and make a more informed judgment call. I always did them out of 5 b/c that's how comicvine did them, but it would probably help to do them out of 10 here on GI for the sake of continuity and agreement with GI's rating system.

    @Chaos: What you mentioned and more. Just being there to give advice due to your years of absorbing comic book information. I always picture a sage with a long, scraggly beard so you could grow one out and wear sackcloth. XD

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  • @Queso: well I am ok if we do or don't, but Fames says no and you say yes.

  • Hey everyone. I was asked by Cam to make a group logo like I had done with the Assassin's Creed and Star Wars groups (both can be seen on my page) and am having a difficult time making one that seems balanced between publishers and ect,

    So therefor I am asking for your guys help with any suggestions or things you would like to see in it, anything at all really would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Id be interested to see what you have so far. Are you worried about not having enough of the smaller publishers? or is it favoring one of the big two?

  • I actually don't have anything at the moment because of lack of balanced inspiration.

    I was mostly using the big 2 but found that to be unbalanced because DC's characters incorporate more logos then Marvel with most of marvel's character logos having similar ideas or most represent teams.

    Vittoria per gli Assassini!

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