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Sword of Socery #1

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    Sword of Sorcery #1

                If there was ever a reason to not judge a book by it’s cover, Sword of Sorcery #1 is it. Let’s break this cover down; we have a blonde girl with a sword, ogres, some sparkles coming from her hand and boatloads of purple. All of those things, in my estimation, add up to one spectacular book for young women. However, if you manage to make it past the first cover, you find a book filled with action, excitement and more blood and gore than the average DC title. 

                There are a number of things that make this issue great: The writing, the art, the characters, and the colors. Individually, well with exception to the art and colors, those things can stand on their own, what makes this book exceptional is the way in which they work together. Take the first page for example, a woman and a man battling in a forest, narration from a young woman leading us through the scene. Are these the words of the woman? The boxes of dialogue leading us further down to the face of a girl holding a sword, the look on her face answering the question for us. They are her words, and yes, she may be in a bit too deep.

                The look of surprise on her face sets the tone for the next few pages. This is not her wheelhouse, she is not a warrior, as blood is spilled it is hard not to share her emotions. It is hard not to feel equally shocked and appalled as she slits the throat of an opponent.

    (I couldn't find the throat-cut, this will have to satisfy your bloodlust)

                There is a lot of information that is laid out in this issue. I had to read it twice myself. That is not a failing of the author though, as all of these characters are new to me, it was hard to keep them straight. We are introduced to three kingdoms in this first issue House, of Amethyst, House of Diamond (those guys are A-holes) and House of Citrine. From what I could surmise Amaya and her mother are on the run from Amaya’s aunt, who is the current ruler of House of Amethyst. 

                This is an amazing book, of the New 52 it is in my top ten #1’s and it is the newest member of my pull list. There are a lot of changes going on in the comic’s world, a number of books ending and even more new ones beginning. It is nice to have a new book that feels new, that is not some rehash of old ideas or arbitrary combination of heroes. Pick it up. 


  • Interesting. I didn't read the original volume but may have to grab a trade of these if the series carries on long enough.

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