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Spiderman being cancelled?

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  • http://www.geeksofdoom.com/2012/09/20/amazing-spider-man-to-end-in-december-with-issue-700/

    So this is not exactly breaking news, but i somehow missed it when it first came out. I know that they will surely replace it with a number 1 but this still seems like an odd move. I am certainly more sympathetic to the New 52 nay sayers. Is this really the right time to start a Vol. 2 of Amazing Spider-man? I guess they are doing the same thing to Invincible iron man but, I don't read Ironman.

  • It's most likely so they can switch the series into the marvel now phase. Things will be the same they're just trying new storylines with writers who have never touched some series before and the rest will mostly be cosmetic, plus some new titles like uncanny avengers. As fast as iron man, the same is happening to him and they're introducing 2 new armors. One being a devastating battle armor that looks like a beefier hulk-buster with a gatling gun attached to the wrist

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  • last time I checked spidey was on something like vol. 4, marvel did a similar thing in the nineties which everyone ignored, similar to how I've been ignoring spider-man lately, seriously marvel he's your *** flagship character put a writer I give a *** about on it

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  • You are correct, they did do this in the nineties. The did some dumb thing for a while and just picked back up with the old numbering but advanced it however many issues they had done in "Spider-man dumb dumb adventure".  But aside from that little tangent they are still on Vol. 1. I agree that they need to treat Spiderman more seriously. I have enjoyed a number of Slott's arcs, but for every one i loved there seems to be one that put me to sleep. The current Alpha story line is a bit blah, in my opinion. I am sure things are going to get kicked up a notch in the next few issues.

  • yeah, btw who's writing spidey for the marvel now line up? if its slott again I'm staying away, which is sad, spidey was my favorite growing up and then marvel ruined roughly ten years of character development with OMD, those wounds aint gonna heal for some no name writer who I have to pay good money just to see if he's up to snuff, no thanks marvel, give spidey a writer he deserves, he's your flagship character, put your A-list talent behind him, as long as it's not bendis and its someone worth getting excited over, until then that 4 bucks is going to image comics

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  • and I guess Slott very well may be a great writer, but from what little I've heard of his run it sounds like he's just dug up obscure older characters and plot points for no reason than to look cool, kinda like he's saying "hey everyone! remember spidey comics from 30 years ago? I do! I'm so cool!" but those were all other peoples ideas, all you're doing is digging them up and adding to them (or in the case of kravens resurrection *** ruining Kraven's last hunt, an arc I can only describe as a masterpiece) but meh, I'm just complaining, for all I know that's actually a good thing that he's doing that, but I'll probably never know

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