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Who're You in DC Comics/Marvel??

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  • A thread just to talk about who your favorite characters are in DC Comics and/or Marvel Comics and why you think so.

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  • We already have this thread...

  • My picks in DC Are: Black Lightning and Green Lantern John Stewart. For Marvel it's Power Man and Iron Man. I dig Black Lightning because he's a tad better than Static Shock and he's made it to the New 52 in a little comic called DC Universe Presents! Alongside a guy named Blue Devil (Coming this October)

    For John Stewart I like him because he's one of the GL's of Earth that have actually been through some messed up stuff that can mentally break a person. But because of those things he's come out a stronger for it.

    I picked Power Man (I know his name is Luke Cage but P.Man sounds cooler) because first off did you see him and Iron Fist in Avengers EMH? Best Duo of the Marvel U hands down. And also because him and Iron Fist are a killer team up.

    Lastly, with Iron Man chose him despite going through rehab for alcoholism, Tony is a smart cookie and those suits are in a word "Epic."  

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  • Sorry, my bad, no we don't

  • I'm going to do this by the ones I feel I relate to most relate to followed by favs. Also for mine it's pre new 52 for dc and pre ultimates for marvel.

    Dc: relate- superboy and superman. Because they both want to try and save everybody but are also at the most conflict with themselves.

    Dc: favs-superboy, superman, and tim drake. Because the same reasons for the two supers plus they're awesome, and for tim because I believe he's the best one to have worn the robin mantle and I believe he is the best candidate to replace the bat after some more physical training (even over grayson)

    Marvel: relate- hulk. Same reason as supers

    Favs- captain america and spiderman. Because they both rose out of their initial social standing into powerful brings and yet remained humble for the must part. And they're both awesome as well.

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  • DC Favorite: Captain Marvel (Or Shazam as DC insists he be called now) because he is the embodiment (for me) of what a superhero should be. The superhero is almost the complete opposite of his alter ego. It is also just a fun concept.

    Who I am like: Aquaman. I am totally underrated but I also have issues with self worth "whaaaaa! Im King of Atlantis but they dont like me! Whaaaa Whaaa!"

    Marvel Favorite: This changes so often. Right now I would say it is Punisher, if for no other reason than the fact that he holds his own with zero super powers.

    Who am I like: Deadpool, because I dont know when to shut up

  • DC fav: Batman 'nuff said

    DC who I am like: hmmmm...Captain Marvel. More like Billy Bastion, I am misunderstood, have trust issues, I like to vandalize and I can be good at things if I try (my version of turning into Cap Marvel).

    Marvel fav: Deadpool, so great...he is a smart ass mercenary, but if he wants to, he can go toe to toe with almost everyone...I really wish he still had his healing factor though, its part of what made him Deadpool, he could go to any extent to beat his enemy and still come out ok. Even if he got a beat down he could just be healed back up in a few hours, he was unbeatable, its what made him Deadpool. Ok, I'm done with my rant.

    Marvel who I'm like: Deadpool again, I can be a smart ass (not in a bad way) and I go too far sometimes, I can be really stupid, I have a big mouth and I do stuff just for the fun of it.

  • Thats easy ... Marvel i would be cable... super strong but always wounded. forever the bad *ss soldier. Big guns, little dialogue. Seeing thing through tactical eyes.

    As far as DC goes... Probably Batman.. but truthfully id prefer to be the joker. or the riddler... but only crazy riddler... like Arkham Riddler.

  • So...you're crazy?

  • Off the top of my head, I'd have to go with Deadpool as I have a warped, random sense of humor and am always willing to make a joke out of any situation. I'd also have to go with the Spectre because I tend to feel detached and respond pretty flatly to most things unless they really inspire me. This last part probably wasn't very clear/didn't make sense. Actually, the Watcher would be a better fit than the Spectre but I just love him so much. This is one of my favorite Spectre covers. XD

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