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Comic book ideas 2

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  • Okay i know this has been done before but it was 2 years ago. so i think this is a good idea because there are probably new people in the comics group and new ideas. maybe some people could continue to build on their already good ideas (Green lantern #5, Chaos is Beauty). But getting on with things, this thread is for posting your ideas for comic books.We can all help each other build on their ideas. Constructive criticism only

  • a superhero his name is crimsonwing. His real name is ben greyson.he has super-agility and super-speed. He uses a staff as his main weapon and he uses a bunch of gadgets. Like retractable nunchucks that can be used as a grappling hook kind of thing or a ranged weapon. He used to be a cop but the police werent doing aything to stop the mob (assassinations and other things were on a record high and everyone knew it was the mob) so he took justice into his own hands. The first night he almost died trying to take down a gang operation in a warehouse but a stranger saved him from the mobsters and nursed him back to health. The stranger was a trained non-lethal assassin and he knew what crimsonwing was trying to do  and he started to train him.eventually crimsonwing gets super-powers and starts to assemble a team(with a friend who i will not reveal yet)

  • My Hero is the "Heroic" DynamiX. A 16 year old named Darius Hall is gifted with the ability to see and control sound (Like Emma from Heroes only not like a siren) He finally gets his life wish to break out of his boring everyday life! After battling crime in his city of Blitzkrieg, Dynamix realizes he can do so much more with his gift and wants to do more good for the world.

    Villains are named Everest, Alcatraz, Guantanamo, The Devil Isle's, and the Chateau.  

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  • okay, constructive criticism time, all good ideas, but @Nuck Chorris, your character feels very cliched, his staff reminds me both of nightwing's clubs as well as daredevil's, the idea of being a cop and cleaning up crime has also been done, my view on creating characters is to go over everything in your head, and gradually flesh things out, a good thing to look at is the characters motivations, is there a particular reason he does what he does? does he have a tragic past? loved ones he wants to protect or avenge? a character may start out as a plot device but eventually take on a life of their own, in the last thread I talked about my character the man with white eyes, originally he was just there to be a bad guy, but the more I thought about it the same idea kept creeping into my head, why is he doing this? he can't simply be evil, maybe he lost something and feels the only way to make things right is to do something drastic, villains rarely ever see themselves as villains, so bottom line, flesh some of those ideas out, same goes to PTOM, its like all these ideas are a big rubiks cube, just keep twisting and turning them until they fit in a way where even you're entertained by them, where you can see yourself wanting to go to the store and buy that idea every month to see what happens next, also sorry if I came off a little harsh, personally I feel like my ideas aren't that great either, but then the creator is usually their own worst critic, just food for thought I guess, obviously try not to take too much of what I said to heart, at the end of the day these are your ideas, the only person with the right to change them is you

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  • decided I'm not comfortable having these ideas up where others can see them, nothing against you guys, you can just never be too careful these days

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  • **

    "If you really loved me you'd all kill yourselves right now"  -Spider Jerusalem

  • i know my idea is not without its plotholes and, shall i say, clicheness. but im going to keep thinking about it until i get it as good as possible. my idea is not the first version. the first one sounded almost exactly like batman but i changed a lot(like gave him superspeed, his staff, and a new costume etc.) i'm working on the 1st issue but im gonna change it around once im finished

  • @chaos, sounds like some good ideas but you might want to take steps to make judgement less like the punisher.also your comments werent too harsh they actually helped a lot.

    @ptom, his powers sound pretty unique but you might want to flesh him out as a character more.

  • also im working on a few more characters because im making a team(it will be the justice league/avengers of my universe

  • yeah, judgment's similarities to the punisher are one of the reasons I don't focus a lot on the character, I also viewed him as having more in common with Dexter Morgan from the Dexter tv show and book series, as being a homicide detective by day often gives him cases to pursue as judgment as well as access to police knowledge while also making him exempt from most accusations, a cop is generally the last guy someone would accuse of being a murderer, also try not to use multiple posts, if you think of something later just edit the original post and add onto it, I used double posts because I exceeded the max amount of characters, just a little forum tip

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  • Thanks for all your help @Chaos and @Nuke that was just a rough draft of my character I'm trying to go for a Barry Allen/Hal Jordan type of teenager and our heroes should team-up!!

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  • Also, what in your guys comic book vision could be done to DynamiX to make him better

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  • sound waves could be fun because that would offer a wide range of abilities, it reminds me of the villain screech from batman beyond, he didnt actually have sound powers but he built technology that could manipulate it, with a power like that your character could fly, potentially manipulate enemies (like making them hear things he wants them to and mess with their heads or set them up) he could make guard dogs go nuts by making high pitched noises, it could also help from a stealth perspective as he could make his movements quieter, also a big thing you might want to change is the name, dynamix is good but it doesn't really fit his powers from what I can tell, just a slight criticism, in my mind a good superhero name should give you a feel for the character without knowing anything about them or their powers, for instance Wolverine, that name would make you think of a ferocious wild animal, which would be a good description of wolverine, or the incredible hulk, that sounds like a character who is very large and bulky, granted there are also stupid names, like batman, um, guy dressed as a bat=batman, so yeah, again just something to think about, its also sometimes good to establish the characters powers, like what can he do and what can't he do from the get go, does he perhaps have a greater potential or even powers that are still dormant waiting to be released, that'll keep you from falling into the narrative mistake of having the hero pull some random power out of nowhere (a ton of the old superman comics did this pretty often) then finally theres the human aspect, is your character flawed? does he have people he wants to protect, is their a reason he's doing what he's doing, is he suited to being a hero, do people like him? make the character real or as real as you can, that way people can empathize with that character better

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  • You got the powers I'm going to do for the story. ^_^ Some others are he has a power I call S.S. (Sound Sense) if he's heard your voice before he can track it down (can also hear heartbeats) depending on his sound wave can even cause deaf hearing to his enemies. I'll need help with a name besides DynamiX, I chose that because Sound is a Dynamic so yeah. And finally as a character Darius has been living in Blitzkrieg his whole life (often travels to other states) but wants to do more than go to school and get good grades. He wants to get a thrill out of life and try new things and experience the world. So, after (INFORMATION REDACTED) he becomes DynamiX as a way to get the rush he wants out of his life. I have a whole story about how citizens could turn on him due to the fact that after battling a villain he causes some citizens to go permanently deaf. I'll call that story arc: HEAR NO EVIL

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  • I decided crimsonwing is going to investigate the mob murders and discover that the chief of police is the head of the mob, so he quits being a detective and strikes out on his own vigilante justice. Then ,when everything gets started up, im going to do a realistic take on what the government would do in real life, like use them as military weapons, then eventually they will get their freedom and turn into regular super heros. Give me feedback on these ideas please

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