Ok so we all know the old game do, marry, kill right? There are three c\girls a guy names off and you pick wich one you do wich one you marry and wich one you'd kill.

Well i put this in comic book form. I know this is stupid but i'm bored. Ok so first BE wich hero would you be of the three i list, i will update when I feel like, ok now Team up. This one is also self explainatorty who would you team up with of my list. Then Kill. Lets be honest we all have that one character you hate wether you have a reason or not so now you can let it out.

First list is, Kyle Rayner of the green lantern corp, Iron Man, and  Batman

ok i would kill Kyle Rayner I know what your thinking "wait your names green lantern why are you killing a nother lantern?" well its simple, I HATE KYLE RAYNER WHY COULDN"T HE STAYDEAD! I DON"T KNOW WHY I JUST DO!

Now be i would be Batman because the only two left are both billionare playboys, that is if we go bruce which i am he is suposte to come back i heard. But i think batman has more skill the iron man so  i would team up with iorn man