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Give em' a try?

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  • What are some series you have picked up to try and found out how awesome they were by mistake? Your own sleeper hit if you will. And what series would you like to try to see if it is good.

    I just started reading Joe Hill's : Locke & Key, it  is awesome! I really love this series (that I just started reading because I was bored and had to wait on my usual monthly comics to come out) it is superb with the story and art.

    ALSO, Im reading Supreme Power Vol #1. I would tell any true comic fan to read these. Supreme Power is Marvels version on the Justice League. But written as if the real world would have to deal with someone like super man and how we wouldnt welcome him without so much ... open arms.

  • Green Lantern actually. My school was giving out comics from free comicbook day and i picked up blackest nigh 0 and i was hooked. I found a comic book store and started collecting.

    I'm also gonna start buying booster gold.

  • Well I jumped ship from marvel to DC with Green Lantern. I read an article in Wizard mag about the Sinestro Corp Wars. It sounded cool but i didnt want to jump into the middle of the story. So I got Green Lantern : Rebirth, No Fear, Reveng of the Green Lanterns, Wanted Hal Jordan and the all the Sinestro Corp Wars volumes. This was when I wanted to dip my toes into DC more. I always didnt like it compared to marvel. But I gave it a chance with Infinate Crisis, all 4 Volumes of 52, Final Crisis, Flash, Batman R.I.P and many and much character info on Wikipedia. I loved everything I read. I even started to like Super Man (who I had hated because he was so . ....perfect). Dont get me wrong I like marvel still but. I think that the supers of DC have more of and "epic" feel to them while marvel has more of a "street super" to them.

  • I'm planning on trying Deadpool. Just because he seems pretty awsome with his guns and stuff, mabye i will like marvel who knows i have had bad expieriences with marvel. I had gotten all ages version of spiderman when i was younger and well they sucked

  • Definatley try Deadpool.  If your looking for recent issues though I'd try just his regular series ("Deadpool"), not "Merc With A Mouth", that ones way too slow moving.

  • Fables was one that I picked up one of the first issues for without knowing much about it (outside of having a healthy respect for Vertigo) and it's been a consistent treat.

  • Deadpool is indeed amazing. But my favorite random comic that I picked up is Elephantmen. It's an amazing series. Seriously. Check 'em out. They are AWESOME.

    Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: "With great power comes great responsibility." This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I'm Spider-Man.

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