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Dark Reign a let down?

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  • With Marvels Seige coming up, has Dark Reign been a let down for you or a success?

  • I've really liked several aspects of Dark Reign and it has made me wish for the death of Norman Osborn in Siege.  I think that shows how effective he's been as a sleazy leader.  The whole thing has been an eerie commentary on how people are so easy to forget the past.  It was also a neat commentary of how the general public really isn't as in-the-know as you might think about what goes on in the super-heroing parts of the world.  Its a common mistake for readers to assume the general public in a comic universe knows everything the reader does.  My only question though is, where the hell did that Victoria Hand chick come from?

  • If you have read Dark Avengers I want to know


    After Bobs wife shoots him in the face at the end of issue #9 how is he right as rain in the start of #10? and Did his wife leave?

  • The Sentry's powers become more and more unstable the longer he is active, it was one of the plot points of the original Sentry mini, so he is essentially unkillable.  Apparently the Sentry concept will be resolved one way or another by the end of Siege.  Its been hinted at for quite a while that Lindy died in Mighty Avengers when she was attacked by Ultron and Sentry really didn't heal her.  She was just a hallucination and the Void started to manifest in the hallucination and thats why it shot him.

  • I think Sentry is some kind of God that has been forgotten.  He is the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe and the most psychologically messed up.  Osborn has a lot  to answer for and Siege will see that he does.  When the original Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor (the big 3) come back it will be a wrap for all the bad guys.  I am very very interested in seeing The Hood become more of a fan favorite. I love his character. Dark Reign: The List was entertaining. As Joe Quesada has said, Dark Reign isn't an event in Marvel continuity, it's whats actually happening .

  • I think Dark Reign is spectacular. I love everything about it. And as icebergslick said, I hope The Hood becomes more of a mainstream character. I think Norman's stint as a leader was very well done, and it pointed out more of the flaws in not only the character of Osborn himself, but the world as a whole. I do, however, LOVE the Dark Avengers. Iron Patriot's armor is the ***.

    Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: "With great power comes great responsibility." This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I'm Spider-Man.

  • I Agree with Gregg. Dark Avengers are freaking sweet! And Dark Reign: Hawkeye is awesome (too bad its been 3 months for issue five to come out). It has been a great commentary on how manipulative, undermining, and all around untrustworthy the government can be. It has been refreshing and a great change of pace to see what happens when the villains are on top. Overall i enjoyed Dark Reign

  • I loved Dark Avengers. Sometimes I think that a bit of Dark Reign is phoned in. Some of it didnt really lead up to anything about Seige. But the consept was good. I think in a way it showed that maybe Norman had more about him then just a split personality with the Green Goblin

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