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Maybe you can't read Japanese, but you don't have to in order to appreciate anime or to hang out here. Talk with others about your favorite manga, movies, and artists.

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    The new Sailor Moon seires is rumored to come out in 2013. I loved the original back in the '90s. To me it is known as one of the legendary anime and manga series that changed anime and manga forever. That and the Dragon Ball series.
  • Forum Post: Anime Ideas

    A place for all Anime fans to share ideas for new manga and/or anime that the might have. It's just like in the comic group (Comic Ideas 2) Only with Anime. So get the brain juice following CHIBI STYLE!!
  • Forum Post: leilouch lamperouge(code geass) vs light yagami (death note)

    my answer leilouch plain and simple....... he has the perfect army and he dosent need a cult of followers beacause he can brainwash people with geass =) so who do think would win?
  • Forum Post: If you could be a character in an anime...

    If you could be a character in an anime, what would you do with it? Run the anime to the ground or just go along with things? I know i'd have some fun blowing sh*t up, and eating...But what about the downsides? You usually die(in some cases, anyway), Endure so much pain(Mostly in fighting anime,...