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Maybe you can't read Japanese, but you don't have to in order to appreciate anime or to hang out here. Talk with others about your favorite manga, movies, and artists.

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  • Forum Post: Light Novels or Manga?

    Recently I have been reading more and more manga series that not only have manga volumes but also light novel volumes. It has always made me wonder what is the difference between the two and which is more preferred. I am also having trouble with the site I usually use for reading manga, so anybody know...

    The new Sailor Moon seires is rumored to come out in 2013. I loved the original back in the '90s. To me it is known as one of the legendary anime and manga series that changed anime and manga forever. That and the Dragon Ball series.
  • Forum Post: Anime Ideas

    A place for all Anime fans to share ideas for new manga and/or anime that the might have. It's just like in the comic group (Comic Ideas 2) Only with Anime. So get the brain juice following CHIBI STYLE!!
  • Forum Post: Manga to Anime

    I like manga and anime but most of the time i like to just sit back and watch anime, i love the music the animation all of it, but sometimes i feel like im missing out on the story because the manga usually explains more and goes on longer (example: BERZERK) so i was just wondering, what are some animes...
  • Forum Post: Durarara!!

    A thread dedicated to anything related to Durarara!! It can be about anything; characters, places, gangs, manga, anime. Have fun.
  • Forum Post: can someone tell me if the fullbring saga is about to start? WARNING:dont read this is you just started bleach

    the filler arc in bleach is about to end and ichigo finally lost his powers. so im wondering how long will it take for the anime to pick up the original story with the fullbring arc.
  • Forum Post: Slice of Life Anime/Manga

    I'm a really big fan of slice of life anime/manga. The thing you have to remember about some anime and manga that fall into this genre is that they may also be part of another genre, like harem or fantasy. At any rate, my three favorite slice of life genre anime/manga are Genshiken, Love Hina, and...
  • Forum Post: Becoming a Anime/Manga artist.

    This is a link to my art gallery. I'd like to hear what anyone thinks of it because I want to become much better then I am right now. I've also started to do request. if anyone wants me to draw something for them just ask and i may do it.
  • Forum Post: Different Voice Actors

    I was just recapping One Piece the other day and noticed that the voice actors of some characters are different then the ones I remember. I know they would change a little from the days that 4Kids and Toonami did it but it got me thinking. What other animes change their voice actors? Now don't get...
  • Forum Post: Who else is psyched after the last One Piece chapter?

    Personally I can't wait the 4 weeks till it starts back up. Just imagining an older more kick$#$ Luffy and Zoro wakes me wish I could freeze myself till the next chapter. So anyone have any interseting speculations on the future of the series to help pass the time?
  • Forum Post: RIP

    It was the site that got me started on reading mangas online. I will miss it greatly but there are other sites but one manga will always have a big spot in my heart.
  • Forum Post: Going Real

    Like most people in the group, I am judgemental when a anime/manga gets turned into a live action movie/tv show. A couple of nights ago I saw an old movie I haven't seen in years. It brought back so many awesome memories of my childhood when I realize that this old cheesey movie was originally based...
  • Forum Post: We all have 'em so...

    What bothers you the most about Anime or Manga? Me, I'm bothered by the: "I'm a normal high school student *Boom* OMFGz I'm an uber epic warrior/princess/prince/super hero/ect. and I save the world from going into epic chaos!!" The uber busty female character that's either A...
  • Forum Post: Anime/Manga BATTLES!!!

    This idea popped into my head while watching Afro Samurai, What would win if some of the most B.A. anime/manga characters fought each other. It can be from any anime or manga. It doesn't just have to be a brawl, for the animes/mangas that don't have anything like that in their world. So think...
  • Forum Post: What Anime/Manga Chacater are you???????

    The have been times when I, like many others, have been watching anime or reading manga and wonder which chacater I would be most like. Some would say why not try doing cosplay. I tell them I am not in those peoples league of looking sweet in a video game or anime/manga chacater. Your answers can come...
  • Forum Post: Which is better manga or anime?

    Here is a good debate, which is better manga or anime? I know that both are awesome beyond compare, but I just wanna know what others think. I myself like both and can't decide which, if not both, is better.
  • Forum Post: Highschool of the Dead

    Well... don't know if many of you have heard of this Manga, but for those of you have read a bit, how many of you would like to see this as an anime. Personally, this is one of my favorite Manga series. Unfortunately, they are no longer updating on sites like mangafox and onemanga etc., and I can't...
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