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Maybe you can't read Japanese, but you don't have to in order to appreciate anime or to hang out here. Talk with others about your favorite manga, movies, and artists.

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  • Forum Post: Light Novels or Manga?

    Recently I have been reading more and more manga series that not only have manga volumes but also light novel volumes. It has always made me wonder what is the difference between the two and which is more preferred. I am also having trouble with the site I usually use for reading manga, so anybody know...
  • Forum Post: Anime Ideas

    A place for all Anime fans to share ideas for new manga and/or anime that the might have. It's just like in the comic group (Comic Ideas 2) Only with Anime. So get the brain juice following CHIBI STYLE!!
  • Forum Post: NatsuCon 2011

    So, who's going to NatsuCon this year, and what are you going to cosplay as? I'm going as a generic Neko. I really wanted to go as Chi from Chobits, but had to put the money into other things. lol Also, what's your badge name? Mines going to be Ashes this year. I'm going with two noobs...
  • Forum Post: Different Voice Actors

    I was just recapping One Piece the other day and noticed that the voice actors of some characters are different then the ones I remember. I know they would change a little from the days that 4Kids and Toonami did it but it got me thinking. What other animes change their voice actors? Now don't get...
  • Forum Post: RIP

    It was the site that got me started on reading mangas online. I will miss it greatly but there are other sites but one manga will always have a big spot in my heart.
  • Forum Post: Going Real

    Like most people in the group, I am judgemental when a anime/manga gets turned into a live action movie/tv show. A couple of nights ago I saw an old movie I haven't seen in years. It brought back so many awesome memories of my childhood when I realize that this old cheesey movie was originally based...
  • Forum Post: What Anime/Manga Chacater are you???????

    The have been times when I, like many others, have been watching anime or reading manga and wonder which chacater I would be most like. Some would say why not try doing cosplay. I tell them I am not in those peoples league of looking sweet in a video game or anime/manga chacater. Your answers can come...
  • Forum Post: Quick question.

    Who here is a Furry lover???
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