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Maybe you can't read Japanese, but you don't have to in order to appreciate anime or to hang out here. Talk with others about your favorite manga, movies, and artists.

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  • Forum Post: Toonami on [adult swim]

    Okay! This thread is for general discussion about Cartoon Network/Adult Swim's Saturday night anime. It could be pretty much anything. How do you like the new lineup? Toonami's past. Shows you wish they'd air. Shows you miss. etc. etc. I'll get things going by saying: Deadman Wonderland...
  • Forum Post: Anime Ideas

    A place for all Anime fans to share ideas for new manga and/or anime that the might have. It's just like in the comic group (Comic Ideas 2) Only with Anime. So get the brain juice following CHIBI STYLE!!
  • Forum Post: can someone tell me if the fullbring saga is about to start? WARNING:dont read this is you just started bleach

    the filler arc in bleach is about to end and ichigo finally lost his powers. so im wondering how long will it take for the anime to pick up the original story with the fullbring arc.
  • Forum Post: Does anime have any emotional value?

    While watching Death Note, I became attached to the characters L, and Light, without knowing it. By the time I reached the last episode, I know Light is going to die, but It was saddening. I have no idea why, maybe because I know the series ends here, or because they made it so dramatic that the most...
  • Forum Post: what anime do you want to see with a video game tie in....

    i recently saw the trailer for the new bleach game and it looked awesome...only thing bad about it is its only on ps3.but that aside there hasnt been a new bleach game in a long time,and im happy to just see a new one come i wanted to see what anime you would like to see with a video game.
  • Forum Post: Strangest anime/manga ever.

    I was watching adult swim the other night, just to watch bleach(i dont like it subbed), and saw this new anime came on that night. So I watched it. Through the whole episode, it was switching between this guy without a head, and this kid that moved to Tokyo. It was called Durarara. I decided it was the...
  • Forum Post: Anybody have ideas for a new anime/manga?

    I was recently in Phillidelphia(this has nothing to do with the story), and was thinking on the bus. I'm the type of person who looks out the window and pictures new ideas. Now what I saw was a new anime. What it was about, I thought about later on. So now I'm trying to find someone who will...
  • Forum Post: Anyone watching Bleach tonight?

    Is anyone watching it?
  • Forum Post: Some people say anime is for nerds?

    Im gonna skip the introduction and get to the point. The people out there say its for nerds. I just dont get it. Anime is like a lifestyle. "You watch DragonBall Z? youre not 5" 5 year olds shouldnt be watching that, its bloody. "Bleach sucks" No, you suck. Maybe its just the people...
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