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Maybe you can't read Japanese, but you don't have to in order to appreciate anime or to hang out here. Talk with others about your favorite manga, movies, and artists.

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  • Forum Post: Bakuman Season 3

    I've heard a lot of a 3rd Season of Bakuman, is that true? If it is I would like to know because love that series.
  • Forum Post: Toonami on [adult swim]

    Okay! This thread is for general discussion about Cartoon Network/Adult Swim's Saturday night anime. It could be pretty much anything. How do you like the new lineup? Toonami's past. Shows you wish they'd air. Shows you miss. etc. etc. I'll get things going by saying: Deadman Wonderland...
  • Forum Post: Re: So just noticed something...

    Dang. It's just too bad I was asleep when it came on. If you've got a Twitter account, make sure you tweet #BringBackToonami! We need good shows on TV!
  • Forum Post: Re: So just noticed something...

    There is an EXTREMELY big chance that Toonami is coming back. Here's what I found on Toonami's Wikipedia page: The following day, Adult Swim posted a message to their Twitter page, simply stating, "Want it back? Let us know. #BringBackToonami". [18] On April 4, Adult Swim followed up...
  • Forum Post: Big O?

    I'm not sure if it qualifies as an anime, but it was on Adult Swim for a while. It was/is my favorite animated show but I haven't seen it in years. Does anyone know what happened to the show? One day it just wasn't on, and it was upsetting at the time... Okay, I'm still heartbroken. So...
  • Forum Post: Strangest anime/manga ever.

    I was watching adult swim the other night, just to watch bleach(i dont like it subbed), and saw this new anime came on that night. So I watched it. Through the whole episode, it was switching between this guy without a head, and this kid that moved to Tokyo. It was called Durarara. I decided it was the...
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