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The Perfect Anime Video Games.

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  • I love anime, I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z, it was on every sunday morning right before we went out the door to church, which you could imagine had a rambunctious effect for my brother and I, and Samurai Champloo was the anime that inspired me to create my own. There's just one thing I can't stand, there's absolutely no great anime game out there, yea you got HACK that is one of the most known anime games out there, and along with Final Fantasy, but all the rest I feel is missing a more diverse way of gaming. All anime games out there are fast paced, weak mechanics that leave you clueless, not hard at all to beat, addictive at first but will not play again in a while, and the only good thing is the storyline; anime's are known to have the craziest, most out of this world storyline's that most likely won't make any sense to any simple minded viewer. But games are insane now, we can make a game flawless now in campaign based games, and best of all....MMOs. I'll start off with MMOs. This type of genera is a diverse lot of ways to keep the player going, explore an open beautiful world, make your character look like a bad ass, make sure the gear is deep with stats that can make your character what ever you want him to be, say agility for speed and accuracy, and strenth for health and attack power, and last but not least, an array of diverse classes that fans will dedicate themselves too; I loved the Druid from World of Warcraft, the fact I could change into a bear that would make me as strong as a Warrior was great for survival, and Catform that gave me the power to attack someone from behind, unseen like a Rogue. All these are traits from American and European companies that know what a great MMO is. I feel the japanese stay with their old ways, whether it be versing games or rpg's, their nostalgia is everywhere. Bleach, an extremely popular "boy" anime that even Americans love, is a storyline what is about a kid "Ichigo" who becomes a Soul Reaper and learns there is a Soul Society that is home to many other soul reapers, every Soul Reaper out there has a different power. Think about it, a Bleach MMO game that is set in the soul society where players can choose what kind of Soul Reaper they want to be, with a storyline like Bleach the possibilities are endless, well sort of; MMO's arent at that stage yet where you can choose between a hundred classes but we get the picture. The game can even pull a sort of Alliance/Horde faction base, say the Soul Reapers against the Aaroncars. A game like this would make fans go crazy and even bring in new fans as well. Cowboy Bebop would make Spike as Halo has made Master Chief, an absolute favorite character. CB is a great anime and is one of the most recognized out there. Set in the very far away future, light travel is a reality, and a whole new array of criminals is born, so what do you do when there's not enough cops around? Hire a Bounty Hunter named Spike, who has a secret dark past and the skills to kill James Bond. (sorry Sean Conner) I would love to see RockStar Games make Cowboy Bebob a legit GTA version, or try their hands at FPS, the company is brilliant with their storylines and knowing how far they go down the road with games like GTA and Max Payne, I'm pretty sure they could make Cowboy Bebop part of the family. Ghost in the Shell would be another great example of why to make it a FPS shooter campaign, hell give it multiplayer, you are playing as cybernetic beings who can jump high, have increased strength, can talk to each other through their minds, and have the greatest technology of weaponry the world has ever seen. There's no other storyline out there that F**** with your head and makes you go "Huh?." These are allll idea's ladies and gentleman, I am simply speaking from the heart and would love to see anime's become the games they deserve to be, I'm not dissing the Japanese and nor am I calling them out, but it is time to give dedicated fans (Like me) an anime game I will play forever and hold good memories with it, like I do with Mario and Master Chief, and especially World of Warcraft's Druid class that I still to this day miss and STILL WANT TO PLAY. We are entering the third decade of gaming and games are looking crazier then ever before, and will continue on so forth.




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