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Toonzai on the CW

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  • Anyone still watch Saturday morning cartoons?  I do!  Been meaning to start this thread to talk about any and every show on the Toonzai CW/4kids TV lineup.  While not the more mature anime this group typically hosts, it still has it's place and serves as a great gateway to get kids more into manga and anime.  My interest started when I first watched Digimon on Fox Kids, Saturday mornings, ages ago.  Then FMA on [adult swim] totally sold me.  Anyway, if there's a desire on GIO to chat on any of these younger anime-type shows, let's do it!  For me, I'm watching Sonic-X for the first time and liking it.  I'm loving Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal (never watched a Yu-Gi-Oh season/series in my life.)  Dragonball Z - Kai is good, but it's really igniting my desire to watch the originals.  I'm not a fan of the "remastered" series.  The original artwork is amazing in DBZ and a huge appeal for me with the series.  Finally, Tai Chi Chasers!  Is anyone watching this???  I really like it!  As far as I know it's a new series that premiered this past fall.  The story is good, Rai and Finn are awesome (all the Tigeroids are.)  Yes, it's a kids' show.... I know....  but I watch it every Sat. morning and am liking it!  How about you?  Watching anything on Toonzai?  Or is it too early in the morning for you....  (I have a bit of that problem myself..... )

  • toonzai seemed like a dumbed down version of toonami to me :/ and they edit way more than they should.

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  • Agreed and agreed....  But I still like watching it over a nice bowl of Apple Jacks!  lol  As I said before, it's all kids anime, but there is value in it as a gateway to anime as a genre.  Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Digimon I think all helped make more anime fans in the U.S.  I totally agree about the editing thing.  I lament about the dumbing down of anime through dubs and U.S. releases always.....  btw...  best closing graphic ever...  Panty/Stocking rule!!

  • yugioh 5ds was the best one i think.

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  • I've never watched 5D's.  Zexal is the first Yu-Gi-Oh series I've ever seen.  5D's is the one where the main character is actually 18 right?  Instead of the usual 14 or whatever.  It sounded like an interesting concept to me.  I'm a little bummed about the Toonzai summer schedule.  No Tai Chi Chasers!  I wonder if that means it's not coming back next season....  

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