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Maybe you can't read Japanese, but you don't have to in order to appreciate anime or to hang out here. Talk with others about your favorite manga, movies, and artists.


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  • A thread dedicated to anything related to Durarara!! It can be about anything; characters, places, gangs, manga, anime. Have fun.

  • SWEET!!!  Okay... my usual business out of the way first because I know few people care...  Masaomi is ALL kinds of sexy!  Mikado is adorably sexy... and Izaya is my absolute favorite character in this series!  He sounds an awful lot like Ichigo...  which is funny because Bleach is on just before Durarara!

    The ending rocked!... but to be honest I also found it a bit confusing... Simon totally called Izaya out on simply not wanting to be bested by Shizuo!!  Such a complex character all season....  Could the reason be so simple?!?!  And the Russian was perfect for the scene.

    This forum could be cool because the series just ended on [AS] and it was a really good one!  Celty and Shizuo really grew on me as characters, especially Shizuo being afraid of his own strength, temper and anger.... and how different he was from his brother... relate-able... but in the end he really emerges as one of the characters with the biggest hearts.  He and Celtys' link was great!

    I haven't made up my mind on Shinra... Namie to me is the most complicated character in this anime.... I don't get her....  I'm missing something....

    I have a habit of watching anime series at least twice to get a better handle on them, especially complicated ones like DRRR! so I am totally looking forward to next Sat. for a rewind to ep. 1  The ending totally floored me!  I was a bit sad because I thought we had another episode or two in there to tie it up... Can anyone comment on the manga/novels of this series??  I'm thinking they must be worth reading.  Maybe they could shed some light on things a bit more too.

    The style in this anime is GREAT too!!  I love the photo-realism juxtaposed with the simple people outlines and nothing else....  Dollars members??? I really hope this thread gets some bytes (lame) because this series is worth discussing!  Anri as the slasher! This idea of loving people so much to kill.... Namie?? Seiji??  When Izaya said "I just love humans" at the end that made me go nuts!  And the whole using others to fix your own inner demons.  Anri, Masaomi and Mikado basically owned Ikebukuro but only Izaya knew it....  and... all they really wanted was to hangout and be "normal"!

    I haven't even mentioned Kyohei!  And Ericka and Walkers' seeing life as an ongoing manga.  Funny!  I really hope a chat gets going on this series because it's worth way more than just MikadoXMasaomi fan fiction... though I wouldn't be against that either.... ;-)   I can't wait to start the second run next week...  Okay, I've gushed enough now....  hitting Reply....

  • izaya is played by the same voice actor for ichigo, Jonny Yong Bosch. also neku does rule he is awesome. i like anri shes pretty not just because shes boobylicious, but mostly her mysterious personaltity i find it cute

  • Shizuo is the best Like A Boss

  • anybody want to join the dollars?


    pm me for the password if necessary.

  • better yet use this one


    same deal for the password

  • Some of you were talking like Durarara! is over on Adult Swim, It's not new episodes are still coming on at the regular time.

    I loved the ending of EP25 with Shinra, Celty out sunbathing, that was so funny.  

    Now I have a question. Do you guys think that Shinra, can understand Celty, without having to read what she says. I can't make up my mind is he can or not.  

  • Hmmm... you're right!  It looks like there is one more new episode this Sat.... (guess I jumped the gun!)  after that it looks like a Bleach marathon for X-mas Eve and New Years' Eve...  then it's a mystery into 2012 (no schedule posted yet) hope they come up with some good stuff... I really think Saturday night should be all anime (at least 10-6)

    BTW everyone MUST watch Huey Freeman's Christmas on the 24th.... Huey is one of my favorite [as] characters.  I'm hoping he'll come out of "retirement" next season! The fact that he retired was kind of a bummer, because that "tell it like it is" personality was great with Huey, especially for someone (me) who has basically given up on making any sense of the world and fairness.  No one listens to him... but I do, and agree about 100% of the time!  The episode where Huey is being followed by a CIA agent is one of my favorites... Huey makes Jasmine cry about something and the guy comes out from behind a tree and says "you really do enjoy destroying other people's delusions, don't you?" I LOVE that!  Huey is awesome!  And remember, Jesus was Black, and Ronald Reagan is the Devil... there will be a quiz!

    Anyway, the Shinra/Celty question is a good one because he does seem to get what she's saying before she's even done typing...  but how could he do that?  Body language?  Telepathy?  It's cute because as they get closer and closer it's totally reasonable that he could probably understand her without having to read what she says... no facial expressions is tough though...  you can read people so much by their faces.... I'm not sure....  I want to say yes, but it's a developing skill.

    Speaking of boobylicious... they should sell Anri passenger-side crash bags....  lol

    Anri really made me think of Anya from Code Geass season two.  Both seemed sadly distant or even vacant.  Anya really stuck out in my head from Code Geass because she "wasn't there" all the time... but was always taking pictures to document that she was there (at least physically).  She always looked completely disinterested... it was so odd...  She was also REALLY cute!  (though I'd step over her to get to Rolo any day...)  It's weird seeing such a distant face on such a gorgeous girl.  Anri gave me that same kind of feeling... distant... mysterious... her being the slasher and "mother" was a great angle... great character!  (I think Anya is way cuter though)

    thanks for the new episode update!

    Question:  How did Masaomi ever keep leadership control over the Yellow Scarfs?  He was the boss and all, and he can fight, but that type of gang seems like it could be easily splintered and Masaomi seems way too cute a guy to keep control over such a big gang... maybe cute isn't the word... it seems like you'd have to be a total *** and lead by fear... I can't see Masaomi like that...

  • Well that freakin' sucks, I just looked to and there is only one more episode. I thought there were a bunch more to come.

    Here is the link to the Durarara!!‏ wikia, you can find a lot of info on the show there. durarara.wikia.com/.../Durarara!!_Wiki

  • [adult swim] really should pick Durarara!! for a new season. It's one of those animes that don't focus entirely on fighting and I like it for that.

  • yes, and it surprisingly doesn't have any giant robot anime!  I hope they do support a 2nd season

  • the sad thing is i dont think they will though because somehow it get alot of views...... unfair

  • i really dont get why... their fri and sat night ratings are SO low compared to every other night they should just give sat. night over to anime entirely and let the fan (s) decide what they want to watch...  that would be awesome!  

  • isnt anime one of the most watched things on [as]?

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