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Big O?

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  • I'm not sure if it qualifies as an anime, but it was on Adult Swim for a while. It was/is my favorite animated show but I haven't seen it in years. 

    Does anyone know what happened to the show? One day it just wasn't on, and it was upsetting at the time... Okay, I'm still heartbroken. So what!?

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  • I don't see how it wouldn't qualify as an anime just because it was on Adult Swim. Also it is still on Saturday nights, but they pushed it back later in the night.

    I don't think it just disappeared, it just finished the season and they replaced it with something new back in the day, but it's back now. There was only about 24-26 episodes to begin with, so it may seem like it was just cut off mid way though the season, and the fact that its story is a bit hard to follow if you don't pay good attention, it may seem like it was unfinished, but it ended pretty well and explains what happened and all the memory loss.

    I consider that anime a classic and one of the better mech animes.

  • I still remember when toonami dropped it half finished. What a jip that was back in the day! Luckily I got to finnish it when AS picked it up.

    BTW, Aeolus, are you really trying to argue the ending makes sense? Because I'd love to read the thousand word wiki that explains it.

    But still, Big O is awesome.

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  • The Big-O cycles on [adult swim] Anime Saturdays at 3:00am.  This coming Saturday (24 Mar.) actually restarts the season 2 loop they run (episode 14-26.)

    The Big-O is one of my favorite anime.  I like the Noir style of the artwork and storytelling, and I especially like the music, particularly in the fighting scenes.  And Big Venus and Leviathan are awesome!  Actually ep. 17 is my favorite episode "Leviathan"

    As far as the story goes, it's definitely convoluted (to say the least!)  It does more-or-less explain things toward the end....  but....  I don't wanna make any spoilers, so I'll shut up!

    Interestingly, The Big-O wasn't received as well in Japan as it was here, so production stopped after episode 13 (the end of season 1.)  Fans in the West were unsatisfied with how season 1 ended, so Cartoon Network (back when they cared more about anime) helped finance a season 2.  Season 2 followed more of a linear story arc compared to season 1's stand-alone episodes that loosely fit together.  I guess the season 2 style is considered more palatable to Western minds... lol

    Anyway, because Cartoon Network partially owns the rights to season 2, I think it will loop forever on [as] with an increasingly shrinking fresh anime lineup.  They don't have to pay licensing fees.  Sadly, we never get to see season 1, which is odd because season 2 is littered with flashbacks to season 1 (I had to watch season 1 online.)  Watching season 1 is not essential to watch season 2... but I wanted to see the whole story!

    Big-O fun fact, the anime started with Bandai (now Namco-Bandai) saying, we want to make an anime we can sell toy robots for!!  Haha... I love Bandai... makers of Digimon!  Then the creative storytellers from Sunrise step-in... lol   But many anime must start that way, especially in the mecha genre.  We all need to work...  lol  Finally, I had something to contribute here!!  I am so behind with newer anime, I usually have nothing to add because I haven't seen it yet...  i.e. Black Rock Shooter.  It looks great, but I haven't seen it yet... so I've got nothing to say.  Thanks Eric for asking for some info on a really great anime, The Big-O!

  • I haven't seen it since 2003. I think it was on at 1 am on Fridays. So yea, all of this stuff is new to me. Thanks guys.

    "I'm a dude, playin' a dude, disguised as anotha dude! You a dude that don't know what dude he is!"  -Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder

  • @Nekurulez- I'm starting to figure out all my favorite animes were all kind of made to appeal to western audiences. Trigun has a very similar story, nearly cancelled until western interest pushed it's success.

    I guess that's why really good anime is so hard to find.

    Come to think of it, FLCL had a southpark joke in it, it was probably aimed at westerners too...

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  • I loved big o. had a great opening and ending.

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  • @ Romars - You might be right.  I actually liked the two different storytelling styles between the two seasons, it adds to the confusion of Big-O... lol   Maybe some of the western shows (like South Park) have made it to Japan, and were popular there too, so those references are made for both places....  crazy huh??  

  • yea the second season got trippy but season one had a intro and ending.

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  • I wish we learned more about Alan Gabriel, that cyborg was so creepy!  Where did he come from?  I'd be all for a season three.

  • Nah i didnt like alan. I like dorthey she was adorable

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