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  • ep. 19 - anarchy

    Izaya continues to move his chess pieces around.  Mikado and Masaomi are realizing what little control they actually have over their gangs.  Simon and Celty are saving the day.  Anri is working to figure everything out.  And I'm wishing I was in Masaomi's bed with him at his house...  Just another average day in Ikebukero....

    A lot of people say that part of what they don't like about Durarara!! is the computer chatting scenes.  But they're really integral to the story in illustrating how Izaya sets up his "board" (chess pieces.)  I still really wish I could get into Izaya's head.  What motivates him to mess with other people so much?  For the most part he stays shut in at his place in Shinjuku.  He really only comes out to watch the "final moves" of the situation he helped set up.  I just wonder what he thinks.  And why he and Shizuo are like perfect enemies.

    Anyway, with the rumor/fact of Toonami taking over Anime Saturdays on [adult swim] we will have to see what their new lineup will be.  The schedule has a lot of holes right now.  The only things promised are Bleach, FMAB and Cowboy Bebop (which is weird because I thought their airing license was expiring for that show.... maybe they renewed)  Anyway, DRRR!!, Kekkaishi, FLCL, The Big-O, InuYasha, SAC might all be up for grabs.  DRRR!! and Kekkaishi were the only ones I was really super watching for my second go-around to pick up things I might have missed.  We will have to see what the new, LATE NIGHT Toonzai will bring.....  Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be epic!!!

  • oops... I meant LATE NIGHT Toonami!!!   not Toonzai....  I keep doing that!!!  Toonami = Cartoon Network!   Toonzai = The CW/4kids tv....   sheesh!

  • I don't think I have ever seen last night's episode of DRRR!! I didn't really seem to remember the episode at all, which is weird because I have all the episodes on my PS3 and I don't have that episode .__. Onto Toonami if they will be showing new anime I think we might see Code Geass, Air Gear, and maybe Gurren Lagann? I'm not sure I hope so though because I want see Yoko Littner OWO heh heh just another  anime girl I want to tie up and throw in a basement~ -w-

  • Man if toonami showed Code Geass and Gurren Lagann I'd be one happy camper :P. Also, I've never seen an episode of DRRR in my life, saw last nights episode on Adult Swim and was thoroughly confused. But I liked the art style and I did like the plot in that particular episode.

    Link Swinging His Bloody Sword

  • Gurren Lagann would be sweet!  [adult swim] actually already ran Code Geass a few years ago (both seasons.)   FYI durararaGO95, Rolo is the one I'd definitely tie up and throw in the basement from that show (don't mind us OneArmedWonder.)  I wouldn't mind seeing it again, I recently bought the two seasons on DVD.  The story is sweet!

    Durarara!! has great style and music definitely!!  This past episode was probably not the best one to see as a first episode....  It definitely doesn't explain much.  It basically moves a lot of the parts of the story forward, after each part was explained in earlier episodes....  but it is a really great anime!

  • I haven't finished Code Geass.. I always find myself getting distracted. Haha and I definitely don't doubt that this episode of DRRR was a bad one to start with. When the chick with the helmet was chatting on the computer and she didn't have her helmet on and all you see is a smoking neck I was thoroughly freaked out... O.O

    Link Swinging His Bloody Sword

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