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Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon Preview: Cleaning Up The World's Largest Zoo Takes Teamwork

Up to four junior zookeepers can work together to build the largest zoo on the planet and manage an impressive collection of animals.

If cleaning up Elephant poo gets your motor going then Zoo Tycoon may be the series for you. While the game will require you to dispose of large amount of animal waste, the game is also a serious simulation manager for zoos. Players build their zoos from the ground up, adopt new animals, and make sure their visitors remain happy.

We jumped into a multiplayer game at a pre-Gamescom event in Germany where we got to team up with a few other players and make changes to a sprawling animal habitat. Expanding your zoo is easy and simple; you pick a new habitat from a list and chose where to drop it, then the game automatically fills in the trails and auto-generates things like trees and benches for visitors to use. Players can further customize these areas by picking the kinds of plants, pavement, and decorations featured in that zone, but games who aren't interested in the fine details don't have to do much work to get a zoo up and running.

Managing your animals happiness is a big part of the game, which we found out when we explored our Grizzly Bear habitat. Our bear Hubert wasn't enjoying his accommodations, but a breakdown of his needs helped us pinpoint the problems. He was hungry, dirty, and lonely, so we bought him a small pool to clean himself in, installed a treat station full of fish, and adopted a baby bear named Thunder for him to play with. Now Hubert is as happy as a clam. The clams, however, are still upset. Looks like we'll have our work cut out for us when the game releases on Xbox One and Xbox 360 later this year.

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  • Good for people who want to practice for a job taking care of animals.
  • This game looks adorable! I hope they come out with an HD remake of Roller Coaster Tycoon also!

  • Ben, you are one funny [insert] ! My nieces are going to go ape sh- over this...then clean it up. Fun! Seriosuly though this is a good kid's game or for fans of sims. A launch line-up needs something other than shooters. MS has done that this time it seems.

  • Sooo any chance it being on PC?
  • This seems new and interesting. To a certain extent.
  • Yes! I missed zoo tycoon! yaaaaaay!!!!

    *edit* crap I hope it's not a xbox one exclusive...hopefully I can get it on the PC because I refuse to buy that console.
  • The original was my childhood

  • Okay, not that i'm not looking forward to this, I love Zoo Tycoon, but how is this being released on both xbox consoles and not PC? It IS a PC game series, at least up until now.

    Meh, i'll still get it for 360. :P

  • The Zoo Tycoon games where some of the first games I ever played, Its great to finally see a remake! However I am disappointed that it appears to be an xbox exclusive. Zoo Tycoon (and any other "tycoon" game) seems better suited to the PC.
  • this zoo tycoon looks great

  • I miss Zoo Tycoon, the original, plus its expansions, was one of my favorite games back in the day!

    I'm only really going on the trailer and the stories I've heard about this new one, but it sure seems like it's going to be a Kinect title. That's just too bad :/ Plus I'm not big on the change of focus. The 'tycoon' part of Zoo Tycoon was a big reason for its success.

    Maybe I'll re-install the original for nostalgia's sake, when I have the time. Nothing better than turning dozens of T-rexs loose on unsuspecting visitors to kill boredom! :)
  • It looks adorable! My only gripe is that it comes out on Xbox One and not PC. I want the original Zoo Tycoon formula to return in all its glory.

  • ...What? Why is this on a console and not the PC?

  • Hopefully its similar in regarding to the PC Versions.
  • if it is anything remotely close to Rollercoaster Tycoon, count me in

  • Mod

    All of the Zoo Tycoon games are VERY addicting.... I should stay away from any more of them.

  • Seems too boring for my liking.

  • These games were a major part of my childhood, so I just really hope they don't screw this up.