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Surviving ZombiU's Outbreak With The Wii U

In the midst of a zombie apocalypse in London, gamers must learn how to use the Wii U controller to survive.

In this developer diary, ZombiU producer Guillaume Brunier from Ubisoft Montpellier talks about the studio's old-school approach to horror (including perma-death) and how the Wii U's controller is an instrumental part of the experience.

ZombiU is expected to come out some time this year for the system. For more on the game, check out Tim's hands-on with the title.

Stay tuned for the next developer diary, which will talk about London and the game's story.

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  • Still not sold on the Wii U but if it creates some unique games I might have to get it.
  • this looks friggin awesome! wow

  • This game is one of the few reasons I'm interested in the Wii U. And I like the idea of when your character dies, he's dead. Seeing him/her as a zombie is awesome. Really looking forward to this.

  • The zombies are slow!!! Yessssssss!
  • Actually seems like a great game so far. The wii U controller looks well used here.
  • If they succeed with what they are trying to do, the WiiU could end up with a better 3rd party title at launch than the Wii had in it's life cycle. If developers are excited about the controller, then it means they'll use it in ways that gamers can get excited about.
  • This looks really cool, but I'm gonna wait to buy a Wii U. If some stupid mothers group throws a fit about the violence on the console, or if Nintendo stops with the third party publishers again, there might only be one small set of good games.
  • It looked like the player swung the controller with the on-screen pickaxe toward the end of the video. I'm not so sure that I want to swing around that big square controller.

  • Great to see the system being geared toward hardcore gamers. This game is defenitley pushing me to get the system.
  • This game looks really cool especially since it looks more like survival horror than Resident Evil 6. My biggest concern is the depth of the experience. I sort of expect a short single player (maybe 7-10 hours) and I only know a limited things about the multiplayer but those things did look cool. It's on my "wait for the reviews" list.
  • Gimmick or not, this game looks really cool to play, from what I've gathered from this video. Very excited to see how more games will utilize all the other possibilities in gameplay and such from this new system.

  • I am sold on this...what a great game to release the WiiU with.  It's gonna sell an awful lot of units on day 1

  • This will be awesome.
  • this game seemed a million times better as killer freaks from outerspace to me.
  • "We want the realistic zombie experience"

    They've been working with real zombies to make sure it's the realistic zombie experience.
  • I just hope that they don't bludgeon us over the head with the motion controls. Not to say they shouldn't be an integral part of the experience, but only that if they play so much a part of the game that they just become like an add-on of boring minigmaes and unwieldy swinging that the game isn't fun anymore. There's making a game hard through gameplay, and then there is making a gamee hard by throwing a bunch of unnecessary crap in the player's way. This game has a lot of potential, I hope there is an option to play with normal controls only in addition to the way it looks like its being developed.
  • Looks really interesting. Can't wait to learn more about the story and progression.  I am hoping successfully returned supplies work towards upgrading and improving the stronghold.  Kind of hoping there is multiple strongholds and they can come under attack.  To me that would be very immersive, but even if those notes are not hit the game looks amazing.

  • So how long after release do you guys think it will be before the first idiot throws this pad into their tv like what happened to the wii controller? I am going to say within the first week.
  • The "look,peek" thing seems really intense. I'm loving the idea of only being able to see the danger if you take your eye off of what you're doing on the controller or if you focus to much on picking the lock with the touch screen, you wont notice the zombies sneaking up on you.
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