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See ZombiU In Action With Two Separate Trailers

Ubisoft Montpellier has released a handful of screens and two new trailers for ZombiU showing straight-up gameplay.

You will see the lots of zombie shoving, shooting, and scanning using the Wii U's GamePad.

No word on a solid release date for the game (or the Wii U for that matter), but it's looking strong for December 2012.

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  • I am surprised
  • This game is looking like a strong addition to the ranks of the undead horde in gaming indeed....

  • Holy crap, the scares are actually cool!

  • Loving the survival horror atmosphere

  • Big potential here. Digging the graphics too.
  • Looks like an awesome game, I hope it releases the same day as the Wii U, as it would seem like a good game to start your console off with. I also really like the concept of if you die, you die no matter what. You'll be spawned back as a different person, in a similar situation as when your character died, then have to kill your former (now-zombie) self for all your supplies.
  • Looks like a winner. Definitley out of character for a Nintendo launch title but I'm not complaining.
  • If they will give us this please consider giving us a MadWorld 2.

  • I like the slow pace and fewer enemies. Looks just as good as RE6.
  • Ubisoft is very supportive to Wii U, because of Ubisoft and ever exists to this world. I knew how good Ubisoft can makes itself a better company as it is to all us gamers to enjoy. I would buy Wii U as much as Zombie U and other exclusive games.
  • I was just going to buy the Wii U for Mario and Zelda, but wow that looked awesome.
  • What is this garbage? Seriously? How does the Wii u expect to compete with the next gen with these Nintendo 64 graphics!? Just looking at this video you can tell how drastically underpowered the Wii u is compared to the 360/ps3 and... /sarcasm complete This game looks really amazing and I cannot wait to see how this game plays. I didn't purchase a wii because it didn't appeal to myself, but the Wii u is looking better by the day. I'm glad the Big N is getting good 3rd party support. I can't wait for next gen. Wooooo!
  • The gun wasn't loud enough. Real hand guns are much louder than that.
  • I can't tell if this on rails or not
  • I'm intrigued, this looks promising.

  • welcome to the next gen nintendo! this game looks promising actually, I see a lot of inspiration from other zombie titles here, but that is a good thing
  • Personally, I think this is the game that will make me buy a Wii U.
  • I'm... I'm... really excited for this. I can't believe it. It looks good.

  • this game is top of the list for me when the wii u drops must have it really takes survival horror back to its roots where the games were actually difficult
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