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Single-Player Chewed Me Up And Spit Me Out

Update: Trailer and screens added.

Nintendo has been trumpeting ZombiU as the new hardcore Wii U title to keep your eyes on. The premier Wii U title is a brand-new, blood-soaked FPS that shows off all the new tech of Nintendo’s brand new console. I spent some time with the single-player campaign, foraging for supplies and fighting off zombies in the punishing survival horror title.

The demo begins in a post-apocalyptic parking lot littered with smoldering vehicles and dead bodies. You lift and aim the Wii U controller to scan the environment for enemies, ammo, and other supplies. The controller’s built-in screen displays the environment, allowing you to move it around to hunt for goodies. You can also page through your inventory and equip weapons using the touchscreen. Interacting with the Wii U controller reminded me of using the DS’s touchscreen to manage inventories. It’s a familiar feeling and fits in well with the console experience.

A handful of zombies roam the ruined lot. Using the Wii U controller’s analog sticks to line up deadly headshots feels natural, whether you’re plucking away with pistol rounds, blasting off heads with a shotgun, or dialing in crossbow bolts. Certain weapons, such as the crossbow, can be lined up in a way similar to the scanning mechanism. Pulling off headshots using the controller’s motion control is satisfying, but isn’t very safe when a bunch of flesh-eaters are shambling your way.  I never faced more than seven or eight zombies at once, leading me to believe ZombiU will feature far fewer onscreen enemies than games like Left 4 Dead and Dead Island.

What the zombies lack in numbers, they make up for in lethality. One hit from a zombie can kill you. Medkits are available and undead-neutralizing syringes can be used to instantly dispatch an enemy, but a direct attack will cut you down in no time. Succumbing to the infection doesn’t mean game over, though. Your character becomes a zombie when you die, and you then spawn as a new survivor in a safehouse who must track down and kill your former self to regain supplies. This twist keeps the game moving, and there’s something morbidly awesome about putting zombie-you out of its misery.

ZombiU packed a few other surprises as well. I fought a zombie that could disappear and teleport, keeping me guessing where it would materialize. I cornered myself by a locked door and fumbled with a lockpicking game on the controllers screen as zombies stumbled after me. I was even scanning the corpse of a fallen foe when its grisly face popped onto the Wii Us screen. Playing a horror game on a crowded show floor isn’t the best way to set the mood. However, ZombiU’s emphasis on survival and interacting with controller’s touchscreen while zombies encroach  has me hopeful it’ll be much scarier once I get alone with the game. Keep your eyes on Game Informer for a look at ZombiU’s multiplayer mode.

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  • This looks amazing. Taking advantage of the reasons I like the wii u and have high hopes for it while being a great game on it's own. Ugh, but I still hate that damn name...
  • Wow... actually surprised they still want to go all hardcore gaming. Thought they would fall into the little kid gaming pit. Good job Nintendo keep it up.
  • Even though I still think the name it bad, I'm glad to see it's looking like it will be a solid Wii U game.
  • I liked the connection Tim makes in the last sentence of the second to last paragraph. "Zombie-you," "ZombiU."

    If this is the sort of naming pattern we can expect from Wii U games, LOL, just LOL.

    Also, cricket bats are not all that common in most parts of the world, why does this game have to copy two other zombie titles that have been out for years by including this obscure object as the defacto weapon of choice in all their pics?

    Other than that it looks good I from the one pic, or the graphics do anyway (beyond that, it looks like a zombie game- ie can't tell very much).
  • It has multiplayer? Sweet!

  • Wow that sounds really awesome, especially the part about tracking down your zombie self and killing him/her for your supplies. Looking forward to hearing more about this one.
  • Wish you described the "on rails" movement of the player. Sounds like it is coming along nicely.

  • Lot of potential in this one. It seems to really make smart use of the controller. Definitely the top third-party WiiU game on my radar.
  • This sounds awesome. Can't wait to check it out myself.
  • Saw it isnt on rails, thank the lord

  • Cool beans.  Sounds good

  • So, I guess Nintendo does know how to cater to hardcore gamers. A first-person zombie definitely shouts hardcore gamer to me.

  • This game sounds better and better every time information on it creeps out.  I'm looking forward to an eerie, atmosphere-laden "slow, shambling" zombie game.  

    Frankly, when I saw the gameplay, the first thing I thought was that Nintendo managed to snag it's own version of The Last of Us.

    And the idea of hunting down the former "zombie you" sounds beyond cool.

  • Nice, definitely buying this game. Hopefully it comes free though... yeah, it won't.

  • sounds like a hard game, definitely not going to get it.
  • Does that zombie in the back have a bucket on its head?

    Other than the bucket zombie, this game sounds real good.
  • Weird. Another gaming site said the graphics looked simply like polished Wii graphics but these screenshots actually look quite good.
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