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  • Blog Post: A Game You Have to Play in the Dark

    I had seen all the bad reviews this game had gotten when it was released, and I watched my friend play the demo and get killed multiple times and I wanted to play the actual game. I finally got the chance a year or so after it was released. The first deadly thing on the screen wasn't a zombie but... More
  • Blog Post: ZombiU Review - Survival of the Fittest

    Score: 7.75 / 10 ZombiU Wii-U Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier Publisher : Ubisoft Release Date : November 18th, 2012 Pros: Revives the hesitance and caution that a survival horror game should possess Gamepad works well in inventory management and map navigation Healthy variety of guns and upgrades to... More
  • Blog Post: Zombiu - I hope you enjoy swinging a cricket bat

    I went in to buy my WiiU on launch day knowing that I was getting Mario U. That was obvious. My second game was ZombiU because I wanted games exclusive to the WiiU, not ports. Before getting the game I read reviews and at that time it seemed the game was doing poorly. I talked about it with my wife and... More
  • Blog Post: The Good vs Bad when it comes down to ZombiU

    I remember watching the very first trailer for this game during the E3 2012 Ubisoft conference with my jaw hung-low and fingers already itching to play it. Even though the trailer only consisted of emotional 3D stills and “God Save the Queen” playing in the background, it looked like a new... More
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