I had seen all the bad reviews this game had gotten when it was released, and I watched my friend play the demo and get killed multiple times and I wanted to play the actual game. I finally got the chance a year or so after it was released. The first deadly thing on the screen wasn't a zombie but a glare from my windows, which were covered. It was so dark in the game that the slightest light glared on the TV. I waited for the sun to go back to playing and I have to say that it was enjoyable. Most of the reviews I read were mostly about the redundant use of the Cricket Bat, which got old after a while, but still. If it happened in real life, you wouldn't get old of something that was saving your life. When it comes to melee combat in this game, it does take quite a few hits to kill a zombie, but it is more believable in this game that with other zombie franchises. I would believe beating a zombie in the head multiple times to kill it rather than shoving a knife into a forehead like it was warm butter. 

With the lack of good survival horror these days, since Dead Space and Resident Evil transformed into games with more action than horror, this game is a good addition to any survival horror library in my opinion. It can get tiresome and redundant after a while, but this game is good in small-medium timeframes. Any game will get stale if played non-stop.