I'm really enjoying this game. Even more than the other launch title I purchased, New Super Mario Bros. U. The reason, it's innovative. Every new gameplay mechanic might not have been executed particularly well but the game is by no means broken. Tim Turi gave the game a 5. I will counter most of his negatives.

  • The scanning environment mechanic does not need to be implemented in every room. You can certainly scavenge items and proceed through most of the game without scanning anything. The scanning mechanic is required for hacking CCTV terminals (even this is technically optional) and some doors that require hacking. I found that scanning the environment increased the submersion in the game. The Wii U controller became a window into this world. Often I would find myself doing full 360 rotations in my living room, scanning the environment. When has a game ever provided that experience?
  • Managing your inventory on the touchscreen works exactly as it should. While you're looking down moving items you have to glance up to see if anything is creeping up on you. The tension created through this is palpable and satisfying. Not getting eaten while looting becomes it's own mini victory.
  • I will concede to the point Tim makes about melee combat being boring. It would be nice to have had a stealth kill implemented or some sort of one shot kills. How every zombies head splits open the exact same way is a bit disappointing.
  • I do not have an issue with the controls. I wish there was a button for opening and closing the inventory rather than swiping the touch screen.
  • Visually the game looks fine. If the game is too dark you can brighten it up through the games options. I do have a complaint about dark areas having a noticeable transition to black. I'm not sure if that's from the game or my television.
  • One thing left out of the review is the Demon/Dark Souls like online features. You can leave messages to help or hinder other players. If (when) you die, your zombie can be spawned into other players games as an NPC. You don't "invade" other players games, that would be a nice option for a sequel.

I've enjoyed my time with ZombiU and look forward to the next installment. This is far from "A Bad Start..." and I would recommend this game to fans of the survival horror genre.