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Really upsetting

I was really upset to see the review score for this game to be low. I saw many videos of this game and I was so anxious to just play it. This was going to be the main reason why I was going to get the WiiU but after seeing this makes me realize that I should wait longer...much longer to get the WiiU.

  • this was the main attraction to the WiiU. Is it really that bad? The videos looked amazing.
  • Don't post here unless you own BOTH the console and the game.

  • I completely disagree. Very upset with this review. I have played for about three his and think this game is amazing.

  • Is this a review of the game, or a reply to other review scores?
  • Do you know what a review is, RetroGraphics!?

  • This is a review section.  Not a comments section.

  • How....just... HOW!?!?!?!?!?! I do not even!!!! How the *** can a game with trailers and features THIS enthralling suck so hard? It just messes with my brain so much!!!
  • Why are you posting comments in a user review section?