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Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov's Revenge

Undead Real-Time Strategy Available Now (And Free For PlayStation Plus Members)

It's an age old zombie debate. Which make for a better undead experience, slow-moving shamblers or fast-moving terrors?

In Zombie Tycoon II: Brainhov's Revenge, players will have the opportunity to pit the lumbering corpses against the rage-fueled runners. The title from Frima Studios is currently available and, for PlayStation Plus members, completely free for a limited time. 

The real-time strategy features cross-play and cross-save functionality, and for those that aren't subscribers to Sony's service, a $9.99 purchase for either PlayStation 3 or Vita nets you access to both copies. The title features a full single-player campaign and competitive play for two.

In honor of the release, the original Zombie Tycoon, a PlayStation Mini, is available for only $2.99 for a limited time.

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  • Cross system platform is great, share. They should be extricating other model for success of Vita machine. Ingenious strategy, maybe bump sales with hair syrup. More should participate in emulate for better consumer appliance enjoyment.
  • Mod
    I read the title, and got excited at the thought of a horror-themed Roller-Coaster Tycoon game. Then, I read the article and got depressed. Thanks a lot. :'(

    With that said, I wish I had Playstation +.

    Edit: Finished my new blog! Your move, Nintendo.
  • Bearhug is the bees knees.

  • Is there a review for this somewhere, I need one before I consider buying it.
  • Is there a review for thi somewhere, I need one before I consider buying it.

  • Wow, that's...wow. Zombies.
  • Sleeping Dogs is free for PS+ members right now also. I recommend it.
  • I wish i could have free stuff to...stupid Microsoft
  • This has been out since last week haha sleeping dogs was this week :)

  • it's been free for the last week. seriously not just this story but a lot of stories you guy's just come up short and post stuff real late.
  • I think your readers would be a lot more interested in Sleeping Dogs, which is free now.

    And this has been out for a while now..

    Give your heads a shake.

  • Uhm...game been out on the market for free for a week. Way to stay on top of the gaming news guys.

  • They had posts on April 29th people. Like Bozzie said you can keep up with freebies at Sony's blog. But like he didn't catch on, GI HAD posted the info for us in plenty of time so stop rattling your sabers.