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Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition

Surprise! Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition Is Out Now On Xbox One

Exor Studios has a surprise for you. Its vehicular undead slaughter simulator, Zombie Driver, is unexpectedly out today on Xbox One.

The title has appeared on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Android devices before, but the new version boasts some upgrades. You can get behind the wheel and drive through a campaign, races, and the slaughter mode. All of the DLC released on other platforms is included in the Xbox One version, which reportedly runs at 60 frames per second.

You can purchase Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition for $15 from the Xbox Games Store online or via your console.

[Source: Major Nelson]

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  • meh, i'll wait until they make it free some day.
  • This should shock no one, the element of surprise is the zombies only tactical recourse.
  • Surprise indeed. I didn't play this on 360, but this looks really fun. I will check this game out now.

  • Meh, looks ok. Might wait for a price drop or Gold give away. Still great to see Xbox One putting games out pretty regularly.

  • I can't justify $15 for this game. It looks fun, but I'll wait for a price drop. I'm defin itely waiting for a price drop on the new Worms game. $25 is way too expensive for that game.

  • WOO! I'm getting it :D

  • Maybe after I'm done with outlast I will check this out, Racing and zombie slaughter sounds good to me.

  • Just went to go download it and where it should have the price it says unavailable. Apparently some have been able to download it as I've been watching them play on Twitch.