This is a MUST BUY for any adult 3DS owners, as there is A LOT of swearing a recommend the kids avoid this. Anyone who doesn't get this game will be missing out on one of the greatest games on the 3DS and of the year.

In 999, Aksys games blew my mind with crazy conspiracy theories and high level science fiction, but it was so realistically shown to the player slowly over the course of the game, that it felt like almost all of it was so obviously real. I didn't even pause to think about it. After I got all 6 endings, I reflected on everything that had happened. Every mind-bending twist, every character back story, and even some new math and problem-solving skills, wondering what was going to do with my life. Enter Zero's Escape: Virtue's Last Reward.

The story kicks off with the player being abducted and thrown into yet another Nonary game, but this time its you versus everyone else. The game is played much like 999, with escape the room and novel parts, but this time the novel sections feature full voice-overs (except the player's character). This makes the novel sections so much easier on the eyes, as now you can sit back and WATCH everything unfold, just set text to auto and you're good to go (you still have to read what your character is saying). The escape sequences are still really fun and really give a sense of accomplishment after beating them the first time. During this part of the game all of the character voices return to beeping, but the dialogue remains hilarious. 

The people who localized this game deserve awards for how well this game was written. I constantly found myself laughing because the jokes were so funny. The voice cast great except for a few characters, but above everyone else was Zero III, I have never liked a clear cut villain more than this one. The back and forth is pretty good between most characters and everyone delivers on making you feel something for their character, be it love or hate. As the story goes on you'll learn more and more about everyone you're trapped with through conversations and you'll eventually be forced to make the most difficult choice in the game.

Do you ally or betray? 

If everyone allies everybody wins, but if someone betrays an someone who allies the betray wins big and the betrayer loses big, but if both betray no one gets anything. This is the new twist on the Nonary game. First to 9 points gets out, but if you hit 0 its game over. Don't worry,  you won't have to start at square one like you did in 999. A  new feature in VLR is the FLOW system that lets you rewind time back to the mistake you made and choose another option, so you don't spend time redoing old rooms, you spend time playing new parts of the games.