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  • Blog Post: A Strange, Mystical World Of Incredible Oddities; Also, Punching

    Zenozoik, the misshapen, absurdly colorful world of Zeno Clash, is one of the weirdest video game settings ever imagined. Many of its citizens are a family spawned by a single creature, the beak-nosed, hermaphroditic Father-Mother. Another clan, the Corwids, is composed of bizarre-looking men and women... More
  • Blog Post: Zeno Clash Brings First-Person Beat-Em-Up Action To XBLA This Week

    Atlus has announced that this week on May 5, Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition will finally arrive on Xbox Live Arcade. If you haven’t heard of this off-the-wall first-person adventure from last year’s PC release, we’ll fill you in from our early hands-on time with the Xbox 360 port. The... More
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